Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gipper's Thursday

It's common knowledge I frequent Gipper's sports bar every Thursday around 8:58pm to receive half price tall, cool, Budweisers. Tonight the waitress convinced me to order Sam Adams Octoberfest so I could receive free prizes. This was a significant change for me. I like Sam Adams brews as much as the next gentleman; the fact Anheuser Busch sold out to some foreign dick heads pains me to no end every time I order a Bud (This Bud used to me for me...and America.)...but I digress. Ordering the Sam did allow me to pick up a free Christmas gift for Skip. Which was nice.

It's also cold as balls in Maine. Marie and I have a little bet to see how long we can keep the heat off in the Capone household. Needless to say, when I got home from Gip's she was on the couch under 2 she may be bowing out before I wish. Sounds like she's baby food to me...

Also, saw Orion's belt. It was a clear should know that...because I said it was balls cold and it's only October. If it's cloudy or hazy it does not get balls cold in October. It's a rule, I think. So, the stars were popping, which is always something special to come home to when I look around going in. I'm a nerd, I look around every night on my walk inside. I look around twice when I've had a couple beers in me, so I guess tonight to be truthful I saw the belt twice...

Marie had on Nightline when I walked in, so I just saw a feature on some 13 year old joker who's climbed 6 of the 7 Summits. Only has Everest left...he's from Big Bear Lake, CA. His dad is the absolute man, in my opinion. Just loves watching his son walk up ice and shit and freak out because he's 12...but daddy-o doesn't give two phucks because he's old and hippie-ish hiker (I'd say he enjoys a good smoke, but his lungs seems resilient...) Anyways, if I happen upon $100k maybe that will be in the cards in the next 10 years or so. I'm an out of shape slob but I could still kick the crap out of that pre-pubescent donkey. That's all the confidence I need for 20,000+ peaks...I'll sleep on that.

Also missed It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Testee's...they;re on tomorrow from 11pm-midnight so I'll watch them then with Marie and let you know my thoughts...they're phenomenal so watch on your own, too. Cheers.



I really have nothing better to do these days. I lead a fairly uneventful and simple life, but let's see if I can lie cheat and steal my way into interesting. I look forward to the challenge. Let me know your thoughts. And grammatical and spelling errors. Those really grind my gears. Cheers.