Thursday, December 31, 2009

And speaking of parents..

Truer words have never been spoken.  And a Happy New Year, indeed.  Cheers.

I'm tired and I want to go to bed

I had a little drink about an hour ago, too.  But, alas, it did not go to my head.  Anyways BarstoolSports has been counting down their 100 favorite youtube videos from that have been posted over the last few years, and some of them have been pretty funny.  I recommend you check it out.  You'll be able to waste a hell of a lot of time if you do.  But #24 caught my eye so I figured I'd post it here, to get you interested:

My parents are really nice people.  Mother fuckers.
I knew he looked familiar from somewhere and Sam correctly identified him as Taco from The League.  The League is a show that you should have watched, and if you didn't watch it then you're not that cool.  Because if you don't think a bunch of thirty-something guys talking about their fake fantasy football league while ruining the lives of those around them is funny...then, yes: you have a big dump in your pants.

Also funny (in my opinion..) from the Taco file, for what will soon be obvious reasons:

It seems I was right-on when I unknowingly paired my version of the pedophile beard with my "there's got to be something wrong with that guy" hat for the Christmas party this year.

I've always been a trend setter.  Cheers.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Facebook stalking comes up big every now and then..

I don't stalk on facebook a lot.  Well, I guess that depends on your definition of "stalking." I don't believe that I stalk on facebook at all, come to think of it.  That whole "stalk" talk in the title was just to drag you in.  I stumble around quite a bit clicking from profile to profile in an effort to run into people that I have no idea what's new in their life...and then read what may or may not be new in their life.  See, that's not really stalking.  But I told you that story to tell you this story:
This afternoon I was stumbling (not stalking...stumbling..) around facebook and happened to click on a profile that had some random links posted.  I had nothing to do, so I clicked on a link.  And my mind was blown.  It's like I took the blue pill in the Matrix: I see the world totally differently now.  I now possess the ability to create videos of one or two animated people.  See first masterpiece:

I'm pretty awesome, right?  I whited-up the dialogue a little bit in a poor attempt at humor...sue me.  But I'm already seeing pretty serious possibilities...Say I have an absolutely ridiculous conversation and somehow I'm able to remember most of it...NOW YOU'LL BE ABLE TO WITNESS IT FIRST HAND!

Tell me, honestly, that knowing very soon I'll be creating stories of my life in pixilated forms doesn't excite you.  Don't lie.  It excites you.  At least a little bit.  It excites me.  Now I have a seemingly (I say seemingly because I'm no expert...but my 30minute guess and check makes it seem..) perfect medium for me to start exploring storyboards for that stopmotion movie I have in my 5 year plan.  Sweet success, sweet success.  Cheers.


P.S.  I know, I know.  I still need to post pictures from the holidays on here and on facebook.  All that I can tell you is: I'll get to it.  I started a Christmas-themed blog on Christmas morning...but then things got hectic.  Somehow I feel like I've been in an alcohol-induced haze for the last week, so staring at a bright computer screen hasn't been tops on my priority list.  Actually, the waiting has helped me figure out just what the hell may have happened over the course of our annual holiday debauchery.  In the long run this may actually be worth the wait.  Hold on...I doubt it.  Not much is worth the wait these days.  Don't get your hopes up for anything more than blurry pictures (the blur factor sums up our night to a T.  XO to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm on my way to bed as I be laying shingles in the AM but I just wanted to apologize for my infrequent posting over the previous few days.  I've been reading a lot while without a computer so I haven't really bothered to get to a location that had a computer.  Some quiet time without the "internet" distracting you is nice, I'd recommend trying it.  At any rate tomorrow is my annual Christmas Debauch.  Well, 3rd annual Christmas Debauch.  Kath pulled together another limo, so while it was not creative at all because I came up with us getting a limo last year it is still much appreciated. get you ready here were some hilghlights form last year:
From Humble Beginnings..

 To pretty much all the span of a year..

(Be impressed that Shawn wore a collared shirt..)

In closing...if you're in Greater L/A (The original L/A...) Wednesday evening and you see a white stretch Nav pass you by, raise your glass to us because we'll be raising plenty of glasses so there's no reason you shouldn't, too.  I hope I'm in OK shape to finish Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve...Man, I've wasted the whole month of December...shit.  Carry on.

O, and this, for good measure:


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yet another throwback to The Wrestler..

I still can't get enough of Mickey Rourke.  Just this past Saturday I was at a track meet because I have nothing to do most days and someone brought up The Wrestler and so I rambled on about it for well over 10 minutes until this kid pulled the old "Well, anyways I've got to go.." on me.  Haha, what can I say?  I like The Wrestler.  As much as I'd like to get the DVD which I expect would contain some special features, deleted scenes, commentary, etc I  already have a bootleg of the money so why the hell would I bother to waste the money?  Exactly, I wouldn't.

ANYWAYS this is a pretty good 5 part interview with Mickey, presumably filmed prior to an awards show or while Mr. Rourke was attending a film festival.  This is before the Oscars and before any other major awards show as there is no mention of any of those nominations or what-have-you.  The interviewer is kind of a tool but I was willing to look past that.  I hope you are, too, as Mr. Rourke gives some pretty good insight into his own life and also how the movie really came together..

He says plenty, so that's all I got.  Feel free to call me lazy.  Cheers.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Couldn't come up with a catchy title..

Quick jump back to VH1's 100 Greatest videos of the 90's or whatever it was called.  This may very well be my favorite video...ever:

Great song, I was a big fan when this came out and still have the compact disc (titled Travelling Without Moving.  Yes, they spelled traveling wrong.  I don't know why.  Maybe in the UK they spell traveling travelling.  I never noticed this until now.  Silly, silly Jamiroquai..).  It's going in my car when I venture back outside, along with Q-Tip, Rob Zombie, and a John Mellencamp's Best of '76-'88.  I can't believe I hadn't put Rob Zombie in my car yet.  Silly me, I suppose.  I used to be a big Rob Zombie fan.  He was actually the first concert I ever saw.  At the Central Maine Civic Center.  We were out of our element.  I feel like we were probably in 8th grade, maybe just into high school.  I know we got a ride so there's no way in hell we were much older than that.  Needless to say Abercrombie was popular amongst my elitist group of friends, hence the out-of-element feel.  I was the "most hardcore" because I wore a Subway staff polo I had picked up at Sal's Boutique.  Man, were we losers or what?  At any rate it was a good show; Zombie can wail, be it White or Rob.  I'm sure I have the ticket stub somewhere but I know it was on his Demon Speeding tour.  So anyone who's studied Zombie's tour schedule feel free to chime in on what year this tour took place.  He's played Halloween shows in Lewiston a couple of times...we did not see him on Halloween...and I have no idea if that should be a good thing or a bad thing that Rob Zombie enjoys coming to Lewiston on Halloween.  I'll leave it at: scary.

Again very very random but since I've had access to the HBO...I've been watching a lot of HBO.  As I mentioned before I watched all of the Curb episodes first as I enjoy Curb quite a bit and wanted to see how the Seinfeld reunion was incorporated.  I was happy with the outcome.  I found the "Do you respect wood?" gag to be particularly funny, as I am pretty anal-retentive when it comes to coaster use.  I don't even like the idea of using newspapers or magazines.  It must be a coaster.  Under everything, hot or cold.  I probably just have too much time on my hands.  At any rate the next evening I watched In Bruges.  I found the first 3/4-7/8ths to be hilarious and well done, albeit leaving a few holes in the plot that I could drive a truck through.  However, the ending (well, everything but the last 45 seconds.  I enjoyed the last 45 seconds tremendously) left something to be desired.  I have a problem with movies that allow for someone to be shot in the neck (or anywhere else vital, for that matter) with a spectacular spurt of blood yet this character is able to live on for another couple of minutes.  Even if they're shown to be losing an inordinate amount of blood over this time (which was the case here, actually) I don't enjoy this kind of movie magic.  I always come back to some war memoir I was forced to read in high school, I think by Tim O'Brien.  I think it was called The Things They Carried.  Google tells me both of my thoughts were correct.  I like it when that's the case.  Anyways O'Brien is talking about death and how in real life it's not like the movies; when people got shot in real life they "flat fuck fell."  So, dammit, when people die in movies they should start flat fucking falling.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sitting House

For the next week I'll be back across town in my on-again, off-again house- and dog-sitting "job."  So there is a potential that I'll be back to working tow jobs this week.  I sure as hell hope not, HAH!  So I'll post, I just don't know exactly when I'll get around to it.  I don't usually know when I'll get around to it so I guess nothing is really different.  I've got a couple of books I'm looking to finish today so you can expect for this to be all you'll get today.  My apologies, I've decided to be selfish today.  Not to worry, maybe by next time I'll actually have something humorous or insightful to say.  Today, I've got nothing..  Cheers (and feel free to stop by bearing beer if you're special enough to know where I'll be laying about.  Oh, this past season of Curb was tremendous...maybe I'll talk about that next time.  Maybe..).

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Bonnaroo memory

Katzenjammer.  They're from Norway, or so I've read since.  They played on a small stage before someone else we were planning to see one afternoon down there.  I don't remember who were were waiting to see.  It may have been Grace.  I feel like we went to the Sonic  stage a couple of times but Grace is the only act I distinctly remember going to the Sonic stage to see.

Whoever was filming this is a moron and clearly doesn't know how to focus their camera but I'll let that slide because the energy was great, and I found all four of these ladies to be cute in their own way while I was watching them perform and this fuzzy camerawork helps me keep my vague, hazy, and nondescript attraction intact.  Besides that, any group with a mandolin and a kazoo is A-Okay in my book.  Cheers.

I don't plan to leave my house today

The temps are down, the wind is up, and now that we've turned the heat on I'm perfectly happy to sit here with some tunes on and have a few cups of coffee now, maybe get around to whipping up a meal of sorts later, followed by a freshly drawn beer or two or a caucasian (aka man shakes; thanks Craig I liek it but I'm sticking to a Dude reference) and general laziness.  A very reliable source has informed me road blocks will be out in full force tonight so the Goose is out, and that just kind of ruins my Friday night anyway.  Probably for the best as this has been a pretty slow month of work thus far.  Damn snow. 

I've lost a little steam as far as my job search goes but maybe today I'll find some motivation.  We shall see.  This is my priority for the time being, so job searching won't come any time really really soon.  Which probably demonstrates I really don't want to search for a job, and that would be correct.  I'm not a good job searcher.  O well. 

As yesterday was a Thursday I went to Gipper's and had a great night.  Always a good group of folks at Gipper's on a Thursday.  Best night for the waitstaff, too.  Mel, Karen, and Sarah always hook it up.  Being out forced me to miss the Always Sunny season finale and a League episode but Ma came through as always and I've got them on VHS to watch today.  I guess it's a good thing Always Sunny is ending because sadly I've gotten hooked on Jersey Shore.  I spent over an hour last night searching for the episode I missed when I got home from Gipper's.  I was on looking for the new episode so I clicked on episode 2 because week one was a two hour season premiere so I assumed it was all one episode.  It was not, so I watched most of the 2nd hour of week one again.  My life is...awesome.  MTV got their shit togetehrand it was available once I got my ass out of bed today, and shame on MTV: I wouldn't be surprised if Snooki getting pounded in the face isn't on until the season finale and they just keep showing it at the end of every episode to draw in viewers.  I was some pissed when that didn't happen this week.  Horse's ass.  The best part of the show is these 20somethings throwing it back to middle school and getting pissed off when their other dances with someone else.  A close second is their never ending talk of "hooking up" which seems to count as long as you get a little kissy kissy going on.  I'm sorry, I'm old school and a semi-grown up.  For a hook up to be a hook up there needs to be at least a little boob action involved.  Amateur hour is over, kids.  Fix it.
And add this to your weekend fun:
Jersey Shore Nickname Generator
FYI: I would now prefer to be known by my Jersey Shore nickname: C-Muscle.  Look for me on Season II, Lord willing..
Without work I stay up until all hours of the night doing absolutely nothing then proceed to sleep all day.  Each morning when I try to go to sleep I set my alarm for relatively early and say to myself "Get up when this goes off, suck it up for a day then go to bed at a reasonable hour and get back on track."  Well, this train has been off the track for damn near 3 weeks straight.  I'd ay I'm pathetic but I don't think it really is.  I have no strict commitments so what does it matter if my prime working hours are between the hours of 11pm and 3am? 

I started and wrote 90% of this just after 3pm Friday.  It is now past 1am Saturday and I still haven't posted anything.  I feel like I had more today earlier but I've since forgotten what I think I was going to continue dribbling on.  I think I had a link.  Or a video.  Or something.  F. 

O, maybe it was this: Vh1 did a countdown of the 100 best songs of the 90's.  How the hell was this only #11?

Foolish.  Just foolish.  For Shame, VH1.  Cheers.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I watch Fox News

I have for quite some time.  I watch CNN, too.  They're on back-to-back cahnnels around here so it's easy to flip back and forth.  On Monday I was lucky enough to witness this gem live...Mike Huckabee....interviewing...Dennis Rodman...on...Tiger Woods.  I couldn't make this up if I tried.

You've got to click the link, Fox News doesn't let you embed video...enjoy...because I'm still speechless about this actually being on a 4pm show and supposedly representing "real" news.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like..

Winter.  F.  I hate snow.  Well, really I'm pretty indifferent to snow. Just nowadays I get sad when I see it snowing and I'm without my trusty Little Red Wagon to go out and tool around in.  I was a stupid for selling that thing.  Darn it.  That sucker could fishtail like it was nobody's business when a couple inches were on the roadway.  And it never got stuck.  Never.  Well, except when the engine blew back when I was in college.  But it wasn't stuck, it was just comatose.  At any rate, we got about four inches here.  Maybe five, I'm not sure...I left my measuring stick inside.  I took a nap from about 7pm until 11pm Saturday night so I was up when it stopped and I went out and walked around.  I tried to take some artsy-fartsy pictures but my lil' ol' point and shoot wasn't interested in doing artsy fartsy things in the dark at 2am.  Shucks.  Probably time for me to read the instruction book as I've had it for about two years now.  It still was a nice night.  I started to shovel but stopped before I woke up the neighbors.  I didn't think they'd appreciate me shoveling at 2am.  I'm a nice guy like that.  Anyways I don't have any pictures to prove I was up so you'll just have to take me at my word.

Tomorrow, however, I do promise to get some pictures up of the family tree.  We got after it Saturday afternoon.  For the last couple of years prior to this Ma had gone the fake route, which was OK but not GREAT.  We're back to GREAT this year.  And if you buy a tree, buy a Maine tree.  Well, if you're in Maine and buy a tree then buy a Maine tree.  We've got the best trees of anywhere that I know.  Trust me.  Now it's time for bed; duty calls bright and early as it's back on a roof for this guy after a quiet, eleven day Thanksgiving "vacation."  Yip-pee..  Cheers. 

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's 2am..

I had no idea why I was still awake, until this song came on via iTunes' shuffle feature:

 Good thing I stayed I can go to sleep smiling.  Friday's off to a good start!  Cheers.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Semi-regluar music discussion..

Norah Jones was on Colbert Report a week or so ago promoting her new album...made me remember this video I saw more than a week or so ago..

She feels a little too Nelly Furtado for me in this song.  I like Nelly Furtado a lot, but I like Norah Jones because she's Norah Jones; she's not Nelly Furtado.  Still a catchy song; Well done, Mr. -Tip.

The "internet" had stated she'll be branching into more contemporary rock for her upcoming album so I was interested to see and hear what that entailed and that kept me from going to bed that particular evening she was on Steve's show.  I wasn't all that impressed, to be perfectly honest.  It Noarh Jones, but with more guitar.  Ho hum.  I've heard she's collaborating with Ryan Adams for a song so I'd guess she'll have at least one excellent song on the album.  That, however, may be all..

As for Q-Tip: good to see you're back.  Tribe was impressive way, way back.  Had Amplified! back in the day, too, and was a pretty big fan.  Not sure where it is today...let the search begin..


In other news one of my favorite groups has just put out a 4 disc live compilation, and this group could be none other than Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  I have their Pack Up the Plantation! live album from the 80's...I think.  It's old and has Stevie Nicks all over it so you figure it out.  Anyways, it's pretty good.  Good closer of  of "Stories We Could Tell," it's been a favorite song since the first time I heard it (never "knew" it was a cover but knew it was a cover because I had never seen it on a studio release...Now I know it's a cover).

ANYWAYS this 4 disc spans early 70's all the way through the mid-2000's and is only listed at $18 for 48 tracks.  Not sure of the quality but I'd assume it's good, so I may have to check it out.  Also, good retrospective piece here from Rolling Stone with Tom Petty talking about the good old days.  This guy is a rock star.  Enjoy, I did.  Now onto the videos...the first because 'tis the season, and also to demonstrate TP&theHB's and Stevie Nicks are, in fact, close friends, and the 2nd because the first didn't really capture the TP&theHB's I remember from back in '04 (or ' memory isn't what it used to be...a summer while I was enrolled in college, at any rate..) when he played a sold out show at the Tweeter (now Comcast...for now) Center in Mansfield.  Good times, good times..

I do remember this was part of the encore and it was flat out awesome..

Found out that I have this memory, too:

  I told you the guy's a rock star.  Though, I still don't know the year this was taken...f.  Cheers.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fitting end to the month, I thought:

 Yep.  Cheers.

Can't Hardly Wait

Was on TV prior to dinner on Thanksgiving Day.  I flipped back and forth between that and Home Alone.  All things told it was a good way to spend my noon-1pm block.

It's been suggested by multiple sources that I can be compared to Preston.  So I give to you my favorite scene, provided by the "internet" in shitty, bootleg quality:

"...Then, I'm sitting in class enjoying a late breakfast, when, out of all the classrooms in the entire school, she walks into mine.  And where does the teacher sit her?  Right next to me.  Now, up until now, one could write this off to coincidence. But then she reaches in her bag and pulls out a strawberry Pop-Tart - the very same breakfast pastry I was consuming at that moment! What was I to do; how was I to proceed...?"

Enjoy your Monday.  Cheers.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New week

I'm beat.  The holidays tend to do that as people ocme back and there's an obligation to interact with folks on a consistent basis every night.  It's nice knowing a few people actually enjoy my company and come up with fun thinks to do, but man do I get run down.  I ain't as good as I once was.  So I do the best I can and try to stay up as late as I can and not say no when folks who are home want to do things.  Looking at the places I went and the things we did (and my wallet...which is another story for another day) I got after it this weekend.  The simple fact I made it to Gritty's once shows I was in it for the kids.  But to everyone who was home that I ran into Wednesday and the good folks I spent time with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it really was a lot of fun.  I don't remember the last time I sat and just watched football on a Sunday, not working on something or walking in and out of the room but just sitting and watching football on the TV, so I must thank Craig for kicking me in the ass and getting me over to his house to eat pizza dip, buffalo chicken dip, Sam's pizza and Mac's wings.  He really had to twist my arm.  Those were the good old days.

Ma cooked a 22 pound bird for the four of I've certainly been having my fill of leftover turkey sangwiches recently.  I say this as I have a nice slice of turkey pie in fornt of me.  I can't really be mad about these tasty treats.  And knowing it'll happen thrice more in the near future (our freezers are stocked full of 14 lb'ers..) makes me smile.

--  FInally uploaded my pizza, er, flatbread pic's.  I was happy with the final results.  Ma and Pa were happy with the final results.  If you don't think you would have been happy with the final results  then you don't know shit about shit.  These were high quality and made from (relatively..) local produce and cheeses.  Enjoy..

 The first two...BBQ chicken down bottom of pan and margherita pizza topside..
 BBQ chicken pizza cooking on stone, and finished cooking..
Margherita cooking on stone, and both mid-family-snacking..
 On the left is step one: quick heat of the dough over flame, then on the right you have my special meatball..

 Cooking...and el fin.

If your computer had smellevision you'd know they all tasted just like they smelled: DELICIOUS.  Cheers.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


A good thing about Thanksgiving is that it always falls on a Thursday.  Thursdays are my Gipper's day because there are half price drafts after 9pm, as you all know.  I know you know because I've told you all about this fact on more than one occasion.  And as luck would have it Gipper's understands that family and togetherness doesn't always stop with those who live under the same roof.  As always I'm sure this will make for a good time and my G-Men are on so I'll need to be out somewhere to watch them dominate the Broncos.
Side story here: So Jenny and I went to lunch with the Shadow yesterday and...we went to Gipper's.  Their chili is splendid and my new favorite burger is the Youkilis burger; it has chili and melted cheddar on top and is delightful.  I didn't get that yesterday I just got the chili but I wanted to get that out there.  Brings great heat.  But that's not my side story...Jenny is in a pick'em pool thing where everyone picks, straight up, the winners for all of the NFL games each week and this gets added up over the season and whoever wins gets big money.  Now, up until last week Jenny tells me she was in first place winning "ten to fourteen" games a week.  I say nice work.  But then she asked me to go down a list and pick the games for the week.  I understand I like to think I know a lot about football and that I can talk a lot about football and so I talked some but now I'm all nervous because I very well could have mushed her good luck.  Clearly she's been doing something right pulling picks out of her hindquarters so now that I've offered up info if I'm wrong it's on me.  So, notice to Jenny: I don't think you check this often because you don't have any time in your day to do anything other than work...o, another story here: she doesn't watch any sporting channels during the week.  So she is ::literally:: shooting from the hip and I commend that...but disregard everything I said yesterday and keep doing what you're doing on your own.  I don't gamble, don't evert plan to gamble, so I feel it would be more appropriate for me to not influence anyone who actually gambles.  If I did gamble I'd probably play the money lines, though.  They seem like fun.
At any rate I hope the couple of people who read this enjoy their break from their daily grinds for good food with good people.  To those of you who couldn't make it back north I miss you and I look forward to seeing you when you head up or I head down...whichever comes first.  Shipyard Prelude will be getting tapped in about an hour and fall is officially over.

Rooper's is good people as they rushed an order to get it for me yesterday.  Good people.  So while I may not have a lot of clout a lot of places at least I know that buying close to 30 kegs over the last couple years gets you a little cred at Roop's.  And this is my baby:

And this is previous damage:

Have a great day, and Cheers (of course..).

[Editor's Note:  I wrote this but didn't have time to get the pictures up before dinner.  For full disclosure Prelude was flowing when we dined.  My apologies for the time inconsistencies..]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thoughts while I'm cleaning up..

Since I used my backpack to walk around the beach last week all of my other hiking stuff has been strewn about my room, and coupled with the laundry I didn Friday and have yet to put away I guess things have piled up.  So I'm feeling productive.  Well, I haven't actually started cleaning yet but I feel productive for thinking about cleaning up.  Maybe that's my problem in life...thinking thoughts will actually get my somewhere instead of just...doing...something.  I'll revisit that later..

I'm very happy with my new winter hat.  Now I can keep my work hat my work hat and not have to worry about wearing a grimy hat out on colder evenings.  There's nothing special about the new lid.  SImple, yet effective.  I like that.

Made pizza again tonight.  Or flatbreads.  Or flatbread pizzas.  I still haven't quite settled on what I'd like to call them yet.  It's pretty free form, which I like.  I just shoot from the hip and see what I come up with.  And much of my inspiration comes from the Flatbread Company which has locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and...Hawaii.  Riiiiight.  But they're kind of like pizza, but kind of not.  I don't bother to make my own dough because that seems a little too time consuming for me so again I used the help of the I-Ti.  They're the best.  And I get a semi-brick-oven effect because I have a baking stone that I heat the shit out of and I pre-crisp my dough on my grill.  Maybe a little labor-intensive but I think it's worth it.  Made another BBQ chicken, another margherita (this time correctly with basil..) and I picked up some fresh Sam's meatballs and sliced them up for a third.  All, again, were quite tasty.  This time I took pictures.  Whenever I actually get around to getting out from under this roof this may because a leftover staple.  I'm pretty sure any day old dinner will taste swell on some dough and cooked in an oven with some sort of sauce/cheese combo.  I like that idea.

Today it rained when I was on a roof.  I was standing on the peak and wanted to get down so I slid along the boards back down to the plank we had set up on the roof.  They were rough.  I was a little unhappy.  In the summer when it rained it usually seemed cold when I was in a t-shirt and shorts, even though it was hot.  Today when it rained I had my wool/cotton shirts on that I wear every day and I wasn't cold.  I was just miserable because I was getting rained on.  Ho-hum.  Couple hours of work tomorrow and then on cruise control until Monday.  Not mad about that as I don't really like to work.

Speaking of wool/cotton blend shirts, these are the best shirts on earth:

LL Bean's Two Layer River Driver's shirt. I have five of them, I think.  None of which I've picked up in the last two years, and the oldest of which I got when I was a freshman in college.  All are holding up nicely.  Even my work ones, which get worn every day.  I'm impressed.  These suckers are warm as shit, especially when you layer one on top of another, as I do.  That's all I usually wear outside.  Granted last year they bumped the price up two bucks so now they're over $30...but I promise you that's not why I haven't bought one this year.  I just told you I have five, I clearly don't need a six-pack.  I do, however, need some silkweight long underwear to complete my hike wardrobe so maybe I'll pick up that top and bottom sometime this week.  That would make my day and mark the first new clothes I've picked up in quite some time.  I may only wear them six or seven times but it'll be nice to have them and that's enough for me to count them as a "clothes" purchase. 

Welp, I'm tired so I'm going to get to bed.  Not much in the way of thoughts and so much for getting things cleaned up.  For those heading places tomorrow for the celebration of "Americans" celebrating before they slaughtered indigenous peoples I wish each of you safe travels.  I'll be seeing a few of you around town over the next couple of days, I'm sure.  Cheers.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Never leaving my camera at home again..

I've never been a big camera guy...I've yet to pull the trigger on an SLR even though I'd really like one...but today the scene at Fitzy was absolutely amazing.  Granted the weather helped a ton as it was well over 50 and sunny all day.  But by 11am there were well over 10,000 people in the stadium to watch Bangor v. Windham, which is pretty damn cool in my opinion.  Like I said yesterday or the day before I know a little bit about Maine high school football and I've never seen a crowd like that out for a State game...ever.  We skipped the Class C game because we were thirsty and we didn't need to see JV football (I'm a jerk but Maine Dogs know what I'm speaking about..) but when we got back for the Class B game featuring Leavitt and Cape Elizabeth there were damn near 6,000 folks still in the stadium when it was pitch dark out.  At 6pm.  Not the same folks...but still 6,00 folks at 6pm.  That's a usual Class A crowd.  Like I said: weather is weather, but it was pretty cool to see a ton of folks in the state come out and support some good football.  Cudo's to you all (Granted...I didn't pay as Skip got an MPA pass for us to get in free.  He won't tell it this way...but it was my idea to walk out on the field upon arrival at 10am to shoot the shit with the Windham staff, soley because we run the place and no one was going to tell us that we couldn't just walk out on the turf.  Well, he runs shit.  I just don't give a shit.  ANYWAYS.  Suppose we were their lucky charm...).  But I say I needed a camera because a lot of folks outside of Maine don't believe we (read: Maine...the state) can bring it as far as sports, and today was a huge step in the right direction.  In the A game Windham is a program that started developmentally about 10 years ago but worked up through the B and then A ranks running the spread offense and now are showing people what happens to folks who believe in their system and master it.  Matt Perkins, you don't read this, but well done to you and your Windham Eagles.  It was great to see. 

Also well done to Coach Hathaway and the Leavitt Hornets in Class B.  I never played for Mike but I sure as hell got after it alongside old man Hathaway in the EL stands back in high school gyms as he cussed out all those c's (his word, not mines..) from the other teams as us high schoolers banged bucket drums and I belted out the "Winning Team, Losing Team" chant before I was asked to leave basketball games.  THOSE, my friends, were the good old days.  But today was a great day for Maine football and I wish I had some photos of just how jam packed Fitzy was.  It was a treat.  Enjoy your nights, my frineds.  Cheers.

4:30am Saturday Morning

And I'm wide awake.  I fell asleep on the couch again, as has been my habit recently and woke up just after 4am.  Awesome.  I don't remember when I fell asleep, I think around 11, so I guess that's close enough to a full night of sleep.  Have a big day planned with Skip heading down to Fitzpatrick Stadium to watch some high school fooseball.  It's sort of a tradition since they moved all three classes to Fitzy a few years ago.  It's actually a pretty cool setup for the first two teams that play because the crowds are usually big but the third game always gets shafted, not so much because a lot of people leave (though I'm sure they do) but because that game doesn't start until 6pm so it's almost always cold as balls.  Back in my younger days when I was a fooseballer (Now I'm just a fooseball fooseballer..) I hated the cold.  I never "got" the whole thing about acting tough and not wearing sleeves, or thinking football should be played in the snow.  My sentiments: Fuck that.  I stayed as warm as I could.  When I was at Bates all athletes were issued gray sweatpants and sweatshirts to wear for the season.  And when it got cold I would wear the sweatshirt under my pads.  Ya.  I dressed like a 6 year old youth fooseball player.  But I was warm.  All the shit I got was certainly warranted as I looked like a clown but that's neither here nor there.  Maybe that explains some of my poor performances...If only I had not worn sleeves in practice maybe I would have been a better player...but I digress.  Back to Fitzy.

When I was a high school fooseballer my team made it all the way to the Class A State Championship game.  We had to have been one of the worst teams to ever make a championship game.  Ya, we had a good bit of talent and out defense was nails but we were flat out awful on offense.  In the first eleven games of the year we never game up more than 14 points, yet we were 4-4.  But at any rate we got hot and went on a little run through the playoffs and beat Lewiston in the PTC Championship, a game which decided which team from the Eastern conference had the "privilege" of getting flat out demolished by Portland.  41-8.  Ya, we got worked.  But the PTC championship game was a good overall assessment of my football playing ability: slightly above average.  Muffed a punt in the first half which led to Lewiston's first TD, but pick-sixed a pass in the 2nd half to tie the game up.  We missed the extra point and the goddam game went to two overtimes and I was fracking cold by the end, but that's neither here nor there.  More or less this performance was on par with my life in general, I suppose.  And I don't find anything wrong with that.  Just be on the good side of the bell curve and everything is gravy, right?  O, and Yeah, high school.  Just had to get that out of my system.  2nd O: If anyone out there on the "internet" has a copy of that '02 PTC Championship game, VHS, DVD or otherwise I'd appreciate it if you could let me know and I could make a copy, as I think my copy has been misplaced.  You're all too kind..
Sidenote here on high school.  Maybe it's just me but if I could have stayed a junior in high school forever I'm pretty sure I would have.  You're an upperclassman so you have a little clout, my class was good at most sports so that was pretty nice, by this time we were all 16 and we all had our licenses so we could go wherever we wanted (right, Sloat?), high school classes are jokes and you have absolutely no responsibilities whatsoever.  I mean, I worked summers in a screen printing shop which wasn't glamorous but it filled my gastank and allowed me to live the lifestyle I'm now accustomed to (read: barely getting by.  HAH!).  [Lester:When I was your age, I flipped burgers all summer just to be able to buy an eight-track. Ricky: That sucks. Lester: No, actually it was great. All I did was party and get laid. I had my whole life ahead of me..]  But seriously there was no college or real life coming up, no pressure.  It was a pretty good ride.  So if there are any juniors in high school out there reading this: Stop reading this, it's not meant for you.  But also enjoy yourselves, you might not know how good you have it..
Picked up a new winter hat today.  As I look back today was actually a pretty good day.  Made dinner.  Pizza.  Or flatbread.  Flatbread pizza, maybe?  Came out OK except for the fact I was the only one home when they finished cooking around 7 (I was hungry, sorry..) so by the time my folks got home they were a little chilly and I made one of them a quasi-pizza margherita with sliced tomatoes so the crust was a tad bit moist in thinner places.  D'oh!  But overall they came out well.  I got the dough at the Italian Bakery, my favorite little hidden gem in the twin cities.  Well, I think it's kind of hidden.  A few people know about it...the right people.  But they make a good dough so I picked up a ball and went to Hannaford Bros. and picked up some fresh mozzarel, a big ol' red onion and a couple of tomatoes, then just used some other ingredients from home.  I grilled off the dough with a little olive oil first, and that made for a nice crunch when all was said and done.  I used some leftover chicken with the onion which I caramelized and some BBQ sauce for a base and some shredded cheese for my own take on a BBQ chicken pizza.  I kind of skimped on the cheese on this one, but I'll still give it an 8.  The aforementioned pizza margherita

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Decided to take Tuesday off...well, because who, honestly, really wants to work?  I had put together a couple Saturdays working in a row and a Sunday mixed in here and there for good measure and I decided, "Heck, Matt, you deserve a day off."  So a day off was what I took.  And on my day off I snuck away to probably my favorite hideaway around, a little spot on the beach near Popham beach..  I know I've mentioned Morse Mountain on here before but I have no idea when and if it was just in pictures or whathaveyou, but there's this something about the spot that relaxes me.  Whenever I eave I just feel better.  Maybe it has a little to do with the low-key drive (though this time Barney pulled my ass over on 209 for my passed due inspection sticker.  But Phippsburg's finest let me off as he felt it was "probably just an oversight on [my] part."  A seven month "oversight."  He said that with a straight face, too.  Guy deserved a commendation for that fine bit of police work..), maybe a little to do with the couple mile walk in, but I'm sure most of it is due the view.  You can't beat the view..

I think of it as my decompression spot.  I tend to think a lot about random ass shit (in case you hadn't noticed that..) and sometime my brain fills up and I need to find a way to clear my dome piece of all that gobbledygook.  A lot of times I have a book or two and something to write in or on and I just sit, walk, whatever and relax for however long I have.  This particular time I brought both a reading book and a notebook but I also brought an old friend who had never been before.  So while we didn't talk a ton I didn't think either were needed (I felt that lazily dozing for most of the morning was slightly less rude than engaging in an obvious inner monologue..).
Quick pause here...I don't know how many people have "spots" that they just feel comfortable at and like to go and do nothing...but I think bringing someone new into these spots is a little pressure packed.  It wasn't so much I'm nervous people will get there and not enjoy it, or find something odd about it or anything like that, just now it's not entirely a "me" spot.  Ya, Liam and I go a lot, but we're practically married (Rachel, lucky Question 1 didn't pass...heh, heh..) and we both go there for much of the same reasons so we're on the same page.  Basically, I go there to get away from people, not to bring other people along.  A little bit of escapism is needed every now and again.  So a new face was a change.  I didn't find it to be terribly that was just swell.  I guess they passed the test.  All in all it was a fine day, though I think this was certainly an exception. 
To continue...some days it's only an hour (or I only want it to be an hour because it's balls cold out..) spent on the shore but Tuesday was an all day affair, complete with clear blue skies.  The weather was phenomenal.  Not a cloud in the sky.

And no one was there.  Well, not no one; I'll be honest: two other people showed up from about noon:15 to 1pm.  Other than that, however, no one else was on the beach.  And I had never seen the tide as high as it was when we rounded the bend towards my favorite rock just after 10am.  Couldn't walk on the sand; had to get all climber-style over the rocks.  Pretty neat, in my opinion.  I took a visual picture, not a digital one.  I find visual pictures last longer.

This is also the only beach environment I like to sit on rocks rather than in the sand.  It has great sand, but for whatever reason I fit best on the rocks.  Odd, I know.  Maybe because I don't think of it as sitting at the beach.  It's sitting, at the beach.

As the tide went out Ida's remnants were present up and down the sand.  Driftwood, ropes, shells, and all manners of debris were strewn about and the afternoon sun made for a fine time to walk up and down the beach and see all of the junk.  And we were in for quite a treat:

Yep.  A lobster claw.  Not so neat, you say...?

Ya, that's my hand.  This sucker spanned from my elbow to my bracelet..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Ides of November have cometh..

Jamey Johnson live at the Fryburg Fair in October:

Where the hell was I...not really sure how I missed this.  Just by looking at the guy you all probably could tell I'd be a fan even if his music sucked, but his music doesn't suck so suck "it."  I've wrote his name on multiple scraps of paper in efforts to remind myself to look for his CD at Bull Moose when I head there...and I went today but forgot.  Obviously.  Pick up ZBB for eight bucks though.  STEAL.  Not mad at that find. 

ANYWAYS I've only been to Maine's Blue Ribbon once way back when I was a little tyke and the fam went up with my grandparents but had I known I could have seen this I definitely would have headed over last month.  F. 

And speaking of F...Where the f did the last six months of my life go?

I mean, I know where it went: Nowhere, for the most part.  Ya, I got to see some of the country, got some hikes in, had some good times here and there, but for the most part I've just been stuck in neutral.  Stuck may not be the right word, as I can't say I was really looking to change anything and actually look for jobs or other places to reside or anything that would actually lead to...change.  SO it's really been more of conscious choice to keep my foot on the brake.  Whatever, enough life-imitating-car-analogies..

Recently, however, I've started making progress.  I was lame again on Halloween...for the third year in a while I wasn't going out I took the time to finally compile a legitimate, current resume.  I thought about going as The Dude but I couldn't quite find a costume or create a goatee capable of tying the room together, so to speak.  Maybe next year.  But I digress.  A resume?  That's a big step for I hadn't really done that since my college days.  Not senior year in college but during my junior year.  I applied for a summer internship with the Maine Center for Public Health so I did the resume and cover letter thing, got an interview, went to the interview, didn;t get the job and decided "That was a lot of work for nothing...I don't really want to do that again."

And so, I didn't.  Until now.  And...I've already sent it out.  Only one place, because I know folks who work there so hopefully they can pull strings and let me slide in, as I've slid into my last couple years of employment...but at least it's something.  I'm about 60% confident that this has gotten the ball rolling and the proverbial "snowball effect" will take place henceforth (hopefully before snowballs are present around here..) and I'll get other resumes out and...hopefully...have something else to do and a change in scenery sometime soon.  I say just 60% because I'm also lazy and full of shit a lot of the time but I've already done something so my odds of doing something else are greater than a coin flip.  Slightly.

This isn't saying I'm sold on the idea of joining the 9-5, office-working, tie-wearing slobs of the world.  Just the thought of me in that situation makes me cringe.  F.  OF COURSE I'm exploring other, "less serious, more laid back (read: fun and/or actually enjoyable)" options.  Things are in preliminary stages across the board and I have contingency plans left and right and up and down.  Hell, one or two may even drift into the fourth dimension.  Things are up in the air, but at least I've stepped out of purgatory and into some semblance of an action phase, however preliminary this may actually turn out to be.  And I suppose I can handle that.  If you've got ideas and/or places for me to work then let me know.  I'm all ears.  That, and places to stay as I try to "get on my feet elsewhere" in the near future.  I've sort of set a Jan 1 (2010.  See, legitimate date to make for a legitimate plan..) "Move out of Marie and Skip's place" date.  They're good people, obviously, as they've put up with me this long so it's about damn time I get out of their way and out on my own.

So, 45 days to work shit out.  I think I can handle that.  I'll going to sleep.  Cheers (and G'nights all around, business is beginning to pick up..).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Much better, etc. (and I mean etc...)

First and foremost, I hate contact lenses.  I guess this isn't a new feeling for me.  They're a pain in the ass.  Lasik would be nice.  Maybe tomorrow (or the next day, or the next day..).  Lenses really dry my eyes out, especially at this time of year, where the air outside and the air heating cars are both pretty dry.  Couple my poor vision with my prescription glasses from junior year in high school and I don't have a lot of options right now other than to wear my lenses and make the best of it.  As I mentioned on Monday (or Tuesday, whenever it was...I can't remember right now) I had some nastiness going on with my right eyeball that began Sunday afternoon.  I did...nothing about it Monday because I tend to take a wait and see attitude with illness, in that I wait until it gets too unbearable to take and then I see what should have been done about it when my ailments were tolerable.  This is not (totally) because I'm lazy, it's much more that I dislike the system of medicine we currently implement.  And that I lack insurance.  Whatever.

At any rate, I made it to my doc's office Tuesday morning and they were actually pretty cool.  It was a simple office visit and they decided to send me to my optometrist for further diagnosis so they didn't charge me.  Good people.  The doc's office thought I had an infection like conjunctivitis so they wanted to give me some 'roids to kick the shit out of it.  But, alas, these docs were not eye docs so I got shuffled along.  Later that afternoon I made it to my eye doc...and they told me absolutely nothing.  Which, needless to say, made my afternoon.  The guy wasn't sure exactly what was going on, it could have been super-conjunctivitis...or it could have been something else totally different that I do not quite he thought it best to just give me drops that treated the symptoms I had rather that an actual treatment for either possibility.  My eye was red as shit and very sensitive to light, so he gave me drops to decrease the redness and prescribed a drop to dilate my pupil so it wouldn't be as sensitive to changes in light.  I got irritated when, after he already dropped the two different howdoyoudo's onto my eyeball, he gave me drops there for the redness, yet had to prescribe the dilator bottle.  Horse's ass.

So I solved this quandary by not bothering to fill the 'script for the dilator drops, first because they made my vision wicked blurry for hours after he put it in and second because I didn't want to pay for drops that just treated a symptom but did nothing to actually solve the problem that was going on with my eyeball.  Long story short I worked Wednesday with my glasses without incident (other than the fact I had to drive..."trust it and watch out for blurs in my lane" worked swimmingly) then went back to lenses today and everything was gravy.  So...had I just sucked it up and waited another two days I would have been fine.  Whatever.  All better for now.


In other change bottle is filling up (I was going to take a picture but I got lazy.  It's a 64oz jug of beer that's now well over 2/3 full of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies..).  That's just swell, in my book.  I'm interested to know how much change can be accumulated within a growler.  Ya, growler.  That's an old-time measurement for beer.  Real technical term.  And big beer bottle:I thought that was a nice touch.  The most change I can remember getting together was about $125, I once this fills up I'll have to decide if I want to roll it or find a new vessel.  I'm pretty sure I have another growler downstairs by the 'rator, so stay tuned if I decide to go pack-rat mode with my change.  Maybe my next vechile will be bought with rolled coins.  I see the government loving that..  This beer talk also reminds me: Shipyard Prelude should be getting released pretty soon so that'll be the next brew on tap in the bassment.  I feel like I heard about a November 20-22ish release party,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(Time to) Ketchup..

For the past week I've been without posts.  I apologize.  Truth be told I haven't really done anything interesting in the past seven-ish days but I still like to get random BS up for kicks.  This helps me to feel like I did something rather than like I am today, looking back and asking myself, "What the hell have I done lately..?"

As last week got to hump day and then proceeded to come to a close I was bumming for much of it due to Question One being passed, again banning gay marriage in the state of Maine.  But to be honest I wasn't really upset at those who voted Yes, which supported reenacting the ban.  Of course I do disagree with their vote, but I’ve become especially unhappy with myself because in hindsight I feel like I could have offered a lot more to the No on 1 cause than a single four hour volunteer shift.  I don't know if things actually would have been different, but I know when this issue makes its way back onto a ballot sometime in the not so distant future, if I am still in the state I hope to find the time to do much more.  And the same should go for all of you out there who support equal marriage rights for all.  If you think going to the polls and voting is enough, or throwing a facebook status update is enough voicing your displeasure with the results, I disagree.  Get out and volunteer your time, as much as you can.  For everyone who feels like they did EVERYTHING they possibly could (and I know there are some, and I commend your efforts) I’m sure there are ten, or 100, or more for each of those people who all could have done more.  There are many ways to support the cause even if you don't want to interact directly with possibly supporters over the phone or face to face.  I know this is a tad late, but I hope this will not be forgotten the next time this makes its way to the polls.


On a lighter note I didn't work on Friday and instead spent much of the day in Portland helping Liam move out of the apartment he and Rachel share, as they are planning a move into a new residence sometime very soon.  For those of you who never made it to their old was maybe 400 sq feet.  This is not a joke.  The place was tiny.  But those two packrats managed to fit, oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 boxes of stuff in there

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get Out And Vote (No on 1!)

I know a majority of the folks who read this are fairly like-minded in terms of our social awareness and beliefs, so for any Maine residents out there reading this I implore you to hed to the polls Tuesday and vote no on Question one of the Maine ballot initiatives.  For those out of Maine or out of touch, if Question 1 is passed then the law previously passed by the Maine Legislature allowing same-sex marriage will be repealed.  A "NO" vote means that you support equality for all, you wish to give every resident the right to marry a person they love and care for, and that you want to see these relationships receive guaranteed equal protection under the law.

I don't have time to get into a lot of my own personal sentiments, and I apologize for that as this is an issue I have been meaning to get up in-depth even before I volunteered in Portland to canvas in support of the "No on 1" campaign this past Sunday morning.  This will be a very, very close race, as off year elections typically draw less than 20% of voters to the polls (Less than 20% is my number.  No on 1 quoted 16%.  Obscenely low to decide an issue of this magnitude, at any rate..).  The law passed by the legislature does not force clergymen and other religious folks with the power to perform marriages in religions who do not condone same sex marriage to perform same sex marriages.

This is strictly a civic issue, and if "separation of church and state" still carries any weight (I don't believe it ever really has, but that's another story..) then civic law needs to be viewed completely separate from religious doctrine.  The jokers out there who object because they don't want homosexuality to be taught in school...let me tell you something: homosexuality ALREADY IS TAUGHT IN SCHOOL, in that kids ask questions and teachers give answers.  Strong, same-sex relationships have existed, do exist, and will continue to exist in Maine regardless of whether this law is on the books, so these relationships will continue to come up in conversation of school-aged children and teenagers even if same-sex couples are not afforded equal protection under the law.  This "taught in school" argument is akin to if we decide to not teach about China in school because people don't believe in China's differing form of government (My analogy.  I first thought of France, but all I could come up with was "because France sucks" so I moved on.  Sorry for this interlude - this was not meant to diminish the impact the analogy was supposed to make.  Think about it, seriously..).  Really?  Ridiculous.

So please, please please: Maine residents get out to the polls today and vote NO on Question 1 to keep this law on the books and show that maybe Maine isn't actually the deep south of the far north, after all.  This needs to be viewed as a civic issue, and a civil issue, not a religious one.  Thanks for your time, see you at the polls.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, what a year..

Yep, believe it or not, this is the one year anniversary of the 'Pad.  Time seems to have flown I don't feel like I've accomplished all that much in the past 12 months.  Yes, I've changed jobs (and will soon be changing again, whether I'd really like to or not.  The resume is coming together, I swear..), seen much of the northeastern United States via automobile (and a couple states just south of the Mason-Dixon line..), sat at home quite a bit, slept close to 1/3 of the year (somewhere around there, I'm sure.  Law of averages..), drank plenty of beers at Gipper's (believe it or not, but I was there this evening.  Until close.  Shocking, I know..), among other things.............

But for the most part October 30, 2008 to October 30, 2009 was a pretty good year.  Surely, it ranked somewhere in my top twenty five (This got me to snicker but I know most of my audience is more mature than I am.  But humor me..).  I had fun writing.  I hope you had fun reading.  As long as I continue to entertain myself I will continue to get things upon here.  I'm somewhere just north of 200 posts, as this sucker goes up so I guess my goal (until I give this up is..) to keep on the average of 3-4 a week.  Unless I get back to having a job with my own office.  When I had an office this provided for a good time (The number of posts tell the story..).  These days I don't have the energy to post as much as I did back in the late winter/early spring.  I like to sleep too much.  And I'm back on a reading kick.  I've got four books started.  Ishmael which I've got about 100 pages left, and Fahrenheit 451, The Catcher in the Rye, and Getting Stoned with Savages (Thanks, Brion and Maureen.  Liam let me borrow it, in case he didn't tell you and Brion happens to read this..) which all are just in the beginning stages.  One of these days I'll settle on one at a time and start to plow through them but I just haven't gotten on that track.

At any rate, I know I've got about fifteen dedicated readers, so keep up the good work.  Check the months on the sidebar or use the search to see any old favorites.  But because I have some time on my hands here are some of my best work (both in my opinion and from what I've heard..):

Where it all began (That's really all it was.  Humble beginnings, indeed..)

V-Day (From what I've heard this is the best thing I've written on here.  With throwback stories I try to measure everything I write by this.  If it's about as half as good as this then I go ahead.  If not I just keep it to myself.  One of these days I'm sure I'll top it but I have no idea when.  This was impressive, even for my awkwardness..) 2nd: (February was a good month...My life, L-Town, Boobies..guess that was about it...or was it?!)

Jimmy and Josh go to the goose..

ARAB MONEY! No, actually I don't have a video,because it's here and my favorite video OF ALL TIME!!

And this was from February, too, but it fits for the current month.  I'm AWESOME (the stool can be slow sometimes..).

If I missed anything, feel free to share (I'm not sober...maybe try April, May, June, July, August, Sepember, etc..).  Thanks again for coming out.  I'll try to keep up the good (read: decent) work.  And if I'm stuggling on verbage then I'm sorry.  The spirits got me.  I HATE grammatical errors on most days, and thank me later for the full post.(...I've got to get readership up somehow...)..  Cheers.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Was going to get some words out on this crisp fall evening, but I'd rather go to bed.  Fantasy football wheeling and dealing took priority this evening post dinner.  Be afraid, my friends, as Hacksaw JD's U.S.A. Brigade is storming back into contention after a three week hiatus from attention-paying by its owner/GM.  I'm back to massaging egos and demanding excellence all around and the boys have bought back into the system.  It's on like donkey kong..

I've got some good words in my dome, too.  Made an excellent venison stew, compared and contrasted the 86 Celtics and 96 Bulls, did some job conversating/networking with multiple folks, hated on the Maineiacs HARD, went to Boston, and probably did some other things of note which I am unable to remember at this particular moment, too.  Perhaps one or all of these subjects will arise again at another date and time.  I'm preparing to sleep well, and I hope you did/do, as well.  Cheers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday was Where the Wild Things Are (Or Were? Or May Have Been?)..

Today proved to be a short day a for work, escaping after a free lunch at Hammond Lumber (which was tasty. Fine day for it, too..) and I was afforded a free afternoon to do WHATEVER I damn well pleased.  So this is how things went down:
1.) Drove home from my boss' house, emptied my pocketses on the kitchen table, and removed my shoes.
2.) Went to the little boys room, picking up the newest Time that I could find on my way in (if you catch my drift..).
3.) Saw on the cover they had an article about Where The Wild Things Are.
4.) Said to myself, "Self, you don't like to read reviews before you see the movie which is being reviewed, and you want to see Where The Wild Things Are, so I guess you'd better see it soon before this magazine disappears."
5.) Myself said to me, "Well, Matt, you've got a free afternoon right here.."
6.) Me and myself decided to see Where The Wild Things Are.
And, let me tell you: I've been hesitant.  I LOVE the original book.  Easily my favorite children's book of all time.  If Brian Scalabrine asked me, "Like, all time all time?"  I would say, "Yes, Brian.  All time all time."  I like it that much.  Simple.  To the point.  Love between a mother and child, through thick and thin, even when the kid is being a little shit head.  Just warm and fuzzies all over the 20 pages or however long it is (Thirty seven, actually.  Just took a minute and counted.  Time counted 338 words, and I guess I'll trust Time on that figure.  Maybe the magazine's actually good for something..).  But at any rate I've been skeptical since I heard talk of a feature-length release some time ago.  Three hundred and thirty eight words and 37 pages over 90 minutes?  This could go many places, and none of them probably for the better..

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I think fall may have just decided to say, "F it," this year and just moved through the fun, colorful, WARMER portion of the season as things seemed to just get balls cold from October 1 onward.  And my creaky, old-man body is not happy about Mother Nature's decision to go ahead with this plan.  This aggression will not stand, man.  My joints are achy, what the hell?!  I'm 25, not 65.  This crap sucks.  My shoulders have been especially troubling all week.  This happens fairly frequently as I've had shoulder problems from mid-high school onward.  I've done the MRI thing, I just opted not to get cut.  I don't like surgery, or even painkillers for that matter.  So every two or three months I go through a spell where my shoulders hurt like hell for a few days, then things balance out and I go back to normal life.  I think the cold has made this particular bout of pain suck more ass than usual, as I've had to pop two Aleve on two occasions this week.  Sonofabitch.  Couple with knee and hip stiffness and I think the years are slowly catching up with this spring chicken.  I may not be as good as I once was.  Shucks.  Maybe it's time to start exercising, that way I have a reason to say I'm in pain.  However, I trust within the week I'll feel marvelous again and be ready to grab the world by the tail, pull it down, fold it up, and stick it in my pocket [Editor's note: As of concluding this blog I'm already feeling better.  No big deal..].  Ya, that sounds swell.

In other news I think I may be back on a little white russian kick.  Caucasians, if you will.  This all started because I went to the Cumberland Farms across from Gipper's Thursday evening to pick up a couple bottles of MD red grape wine for the weekend and for whatever reason they decided 11pm was a good time to wax the floors and not allow anyone in.  Zingered.  So sans keg in the basement I thought quick Friday following work and noticed I had plenty of good quality vodka (Kettle One, my personal fave, and Absolut) and Kahlua.  Of course I was lacking half & half (I prefer half & half to cream or milk.  Kind of the best of both worlds, really.  And that's how the Dude made them, so it has to be correct..) so I had to get a little creative: soy milk.  Ya, sounds gross, I know.  But lemme tell you something: Soy-casians taste just like they smell: DELICIOUS. 

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Ides of October...

And what do I have for you?  Nothing.  It was Thursday, so I was at Gipper's taking in the NLCS.  Manny being Manny BABAY.  That's where my allegiance lies.  I want to see the LA Dodgers win it all, because I think Manny deserves another ring.  Guy was the best hitter in baseball, and he chose to juice...for the fans, OBVIOUSLY.  Can't question that kind of commitment.  To the Sox fans out there:  sorry, I'm a Manny guy.  Always have been (since his Cleveland days; he could always flat out rake and that's impressive), always will be.  Ya, he tanked an at-bat in a Sox uniform in a contract year.  But I look past that one for the 2000 good ones he had with that B on his head.  And I don't care what people say, the guy could play the wall.  Granted he got tested a lot, but for being a "mediocre" below average fielder he was always up there in outfield assists.  Just like with his at-bats...he baits you to sleep and the he capitalizes.  He's playing chess while you're all playing checkers.  And to you Yankee fans:  Piss up a flagpole you guys suck balls.  Everyone else...don't worry about it.  Ya, I know the D's probably lost tonight.  I don't care.  Not when Manny's being Manny.

In other news  need to work Friday and the world-traveling JMac of Portland is coming up north to visit (Jenny be jealous you were one week early..) out, town.  Both of those, and the Ides of October have already passed...I guess I have nothing to beware of any more and hence no reason to post anything when all my good thoughts can wait for the weekend.  Cheers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nick's Quick...

Not sure how he came up with it, but young Nicholas posted the correct question early Tuesday evening.  Good for win a pat on the back the next time we run into one another.  Well done.  Watched way too much television this evening.  The Factor was unimpressive.  This troubled me because I had not watched the factor over the past few moons.  I wanted pointed commentary on the health care debate and I got interviews on nothing of importance.  For shame, Bill.  And I think I'm hooked on Sons of Anarchy.  I've gotten pretty locked in on the F/X network, in general.  Goodness every night-ish.  Though I'm a little concerned about Wednesday's problematic situation at a little kid and watch South Park or be a girl and watch Nip/Tuck.  Decisions, decisions.  Both have their pluses and minuses.  Guess it'll either be a game time decision or whatever Marie decided to flip on.  I don't believe she's watched Nip/Tuck so I'd say there's a 75% chance Cartman and the boys will be on.  No worries.

O, but check this out if you like Jeopardy!'ll be impressed and saddened at the same time.  Impressed because of the time and accuracy someone had to put in, and saddened because of the...time...and accuracy...someone had to...put in..


Monday, October 12, 2009

What is...the question?

Earlier this evening Ma flipped on ABC and Jeopardy! prior to the Monday Night fooseball game coming on.  I had been taking a shower when she did this because it usually takes me about 2-3 hours to make my way to the shower once I get home form work because I'm lazy so while I was home from work before 5:30pm I was not in then shower until after 7:30pm, but at any rate I missed all of Jeopardy! but the "Final Jeopardy!" round.
Category: Anniversaries & Farewells.  
Answer: In 2009 it celebrated its 40th anniversary with a farewell tour of the British Isles, where it was built; today, it's in Dubai.
Anyways long story short I nailed the question (didn't think it was too hard being from around here.  Maybe this is just another example of

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In honor of fall...a very swell season, indeed..

Their new album hits stores at the end of October.  If you have a half hour to kill then this can be a perfect escape.  I love these two...they're playing a show in early November in Boston.  I don't know if tickets are still available but if there's anyone interested in a low-key concert setting consisting of great music then I'm all ears.

Grace may be in order for mid-November, too...stay tuned..

Cheers (and more to come, I know last week I got a little lazy..).