Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yet another throwback to The Wrestler..

I still can't get enough of Mickey Rourke.  Just this past Saturday I was at a track meet because I have nothing to do most days and someone brought up The Wrestler and so I rambled on about it for well over 10 minutes until this kid pulled the old "Well, anyways I've got to go.." on me.  Haha, what can I say?  I like The Wrestler.  As much as I'd like to get the DVD which I expect would contain some special features, deleted scenes, commentary, etc I  already have a bootleg of the money so why the hell would I bother to waste the money?  Exactly, I wouldn't.

ANYWAYS this is a pretty good 5 part interview with Mickey, presumably filmed prior to an awards show or while Mr. Rourke was attending a film festival.  This is before the Oscars and before any other major awards show as there is no mention of any of those nominations or what-have-you.  The interviewer is kind of a tool but I was willing to look past that.  I hope you are, too, as Mr. Rourke gives some pretty good insight into his own life and also how the movie really came together..

He says plenty, so that's all I got.  Feel free to call me lazy.  Cheers.

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