Saturday, December 12, 2009

I don't plan to leave my house today

The temps are down, the wind is up, and now that we've turned the heat on I'm perfectly happy to sit here with some tunes on and have a few cups of coffee now, maybe get around to whipping up a meal of sorts later, followed by a freshly drawn beer or two or a caucasian (aka man shakes; thanks Craig I liek it but I'm sticking to a Dude reference) and general laziness.  A very reliable source has informed me road blocks will be out in full force tonight so the Goose is out, and that just kind of ruins my Friday night anyway.  Probably for the best as this has been a pretty slow month of work thus far.  Damn snow. 

I've lost a little steam as far as my job search goes but maybe today I'll find some motivation.  We shall see.  This is my priority for the time being, so job searching won't come any time really really soon.  Which probably demonstrates I really don't want to search for a job, and that would be correct.  I'm not a good job searcher.  O well. 

As yesterday was a Thursday I went to Gipper's and had a great night.  Always a good group of folks at Gipper's on a Thursday.  Best night for the waitstaff, too.  Mel, Karen, and Sarah always hook it up.  Being out forced me to miss the Always Sunny season finale and a League episode but Ma came through as always and I've got them on VHS to watch today.  I guess it's a good thing Always Sunny is ending because sadly I've gotten hooked on Jersey Shore.  I spent over an hour last night searching for the episode I missed when I got home from Gipper's.  I was on looking for the new episode so I clicked on episode 2 because week one was a two hour season premiere so I assumed it was all one episode.  It was not, so I watched most of the 2nd hour of week one again.  My life is...awesome.  MTV got their shit togetehrand it was available once I got my ass out of bed today, and shame on MTV: I wouldn't be surprised if Snooki getting pounded in the face isn't on until the season finale and they just keep showing it at the end of every episode to draw in viewers.  I was some pissed when that didn't happen this week.  Horse's ass.  The best part of the show is these 20somethings throwing it back to middle school and getting pissed off when their other dances with someone else.  A close second is their never ending talk of "hooking up" which seems to count as long as you get a little kissy kissy going on.  I'm sorry, I'm old school and a semi-grown up.  For a hook up to be a hook up there needs to be at least a little boob action involved.  Amateur hour is over, kids.  Fix it.
And add this to your weekend fun:
Jersey Shore Nickname Generator
FYI: I would now prefer to be known by my Jersey Shore nickname: C-Muscle.  Look for me on Season II, Lord willing..
Without work I stay up until all hours of the night doing absolutely nothing then proceed to sleep all day.  Each morning when I try to go to sleep I set my alarm for relatively early and say to myself "Get up when this goes off, suck it up for a day then go to bed at a reasonable hour and get back on track."  Well, this train has been off the track for damn near 3 weeks straight.  I'd ay I'm pathetic but I don't think it really is.  I have no strict commitments so what does it matter if my prime working hours are between the hours of 11pm and 3am? 

I started and wrote 90% of this just after 3pm Friday.  It is now past 1am Saturday and I still haven't posted anything.  I feel like I had more today earlier but I've since forgotten what I think I was going to continue dribbling on.  I think I had a link.  Or a video.  Or something.  F. 

O, maybe it was this: Vh1 did a countdown of the 100 best songs of the 90's.  How the hell was this only #11?

Foolish.  Just foolish.  For Shame, VH1.  Cheers.

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