Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Semi-regluar music discussion..

Norah Jones was on Colbert Report a week or so ago promoting her new album...made me remember this video I saw more than a week or so ago..

She feels a little too Nelly Furtado for me in this song.  I like Nelly Furtado a lot, but I like Norah Jones because she's Norah Jones; she's not Nelly Furtado.  Still a catchy song; Well done, Mr. -Tip.

The "internet" had stated she'll be branching into more contemporary rock for her upcoming album so I was interested to see and hear what that entailed and that kept me from going to bed that particular evening she was on Steve's show.  I wasn't all that impressed, to be perfectly honest.  It Noarh Jones, but with more guitar.  Ho hum.  I've heard she's collaborating with Ryan Adams for a song so I'd guess she'll have at least one excellent song on the album.  That, however, may be all..

As for Q-Tip: good to see you're back.  Tribe was impressive way, way back.  Had Amplified! back in the day, too, and was a pretty big fan.  Not sure where it is today...let the search begin..


In other news one of my favorite groups has just put out a 4 disc live compilation, and this group could be none other than Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  I have their Pack Up the Plantation! live album from the 80's...I think.  It's old and has Stevie Nicks all over it so you figure it out.  Anyways, it's pretty good.  Good closer of  of "Stories We Could Tell," it's been a favorite song since the first time I heard it (never "knew" it was a cover but knew it was a cover because I had never seen it on a studio release...Now I know it's a cover).

ANYWAYS this 4 disc spans early 70's all the way through the mid-2000's and is only listed at $18 for 48 tracks.  Not sure of the quality but I'd assume it's good, so I may have to check it out.  Also, good retrospective piece here from Rolling Stone with Tom Petty talking about the good old days.  This guy is a rock star.  Enjoy, I did.  Now onto the videos...the first because 'tis the season, and also to demonstrate TP&theHB's and Stevie Nicks are, in fact, close friends, and the 2nd because the first didn't really capture the TP&theHB's I remember from back in '04 (or ' memory isn't what it used to be...a summer while I was enrolled in college, at any rate..) when he played a sold out show at the Tweeter (now Comcast...for now) Center in Mansfield.  Good times, good times..

I do remember this was part of the encore and it was flat out awesome..

Found out that I have this memory, too:

  I told you the guy's a rock star.  Though, I still don't know the year this was taken...f.  Cheers.


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