Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back on the grind, y'all..

Yep, I got my shoes on a roof again today.  Three weeks off was nice (at times..) and not nice (at other times..) but obviously three weeks off comes with its own set of shortcomings.  Namely, my wallet is a bit more manageable (read: empty, so I manage by having nothing outside of my house I can do other than go to the library as long as I remember to return them before they become overdue because I'll have no way to pay my's a nail-biting, pressure-packed lifestyle I lead..) now than it was at the start of September.

I need a little cash cow (a little moo-la-moo..) to get back to living the lifestyle I've become accustomed to so I'm pretty sure working for some days will be a welcome respite from doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I also came up with a little rhyme in honor of my return to work, inspired by the classic American film Billy Madison:
Back to work
Back to work
To prove to Dad that I'm not a (dor.., no, lazypieceofshitwhohasnoambitionandnodesiretofindarealjobandwantstocontinue-skatingthroughlifewithoutanyoneholdinghimaccountabl.., no, let's go with the first one:) dork.

I've got my lunch pail here
And my shoes tied tight
I hope I don't fall off, that would be a wicked pain in my ass.
Cheers (and here's to getting over the hump..).

Monday, September 28, 2009


As always I think of about 10,000 things a day and every now and again I take the time to write them down so that they don't go in one side of my head and out of the other.  I guess I have enough time to get some of this out, the only other plan I have for today is to watch Lebowski.  I had planned that to be my afternoon activity but I've been watching straight Food Network for about the last four hours.  Tyler Florence's Ultimate Chicken Cordon Bleu could very well be on the menu for later in the week at the Capone household if things stay the way they are and all I have to do this week is watch TV and twiddle my thumbs.  Giada has also redeemed herself today and whipped up a delicious-looking sausage, onion and red pepper baked omelet.  I'm a regular watcher of Giada but her recipes have left something to be desired during the month of September.  For shame, but way to bounce back today, Ms. De Laurentiis.


Thanks to NatureWoman for providing me with her enchilada recipe which allowed me to contribute to my household in some way last week.  They came out masterfully, though I added quite a bit to Han's foundation.  I liked where your head was at in terms of simplicity...but I had a free Thursday afternoon to really get after it.  I whipped up a nice white rice, corn and black bean base to begin with, then used some shredded chicken thighs, sautéed onions and peppers, a jar of salsa, some diced tomatoes (sans salt, of course), and some fiesta jack cheese.  All that got layered into 9 inch tortillas, wrapped up, tossed in a baking dish and covered with more salsa, tomatoes and cheese then tossed in the oven to do the damn thing.  And the damn thing it did.


When I was walking home from the Pub on Friday I had some thought go ::BANG:: into my dome piece and for the first time in awhile I had the original incarnation of my yellow notepad (an actual pocket-sized, yellow notepad...) and a

Is it still called homecoming when you've never really left?

I don't know, and I guess I don't care.  I'm just trying to be a philosophizer.  At any rate this past weekend was Homecoming for my alma mater which provided me with old new faces to imbibe with in the L/A area.  And an excuse to spend money that I don't quite seem to have at the moment.  But that's neither here nor there; I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time.  Yep, that mindset reared its ugly head for the past couple days.  So be it...

What I've known for quite awhile is there's no use trying to plan anything in life.  Because, at least in my case, plans hardly ever seem to stay on point and go according to, well, plan.  This doesn't bother me at all.  Take this past Friday, for instance.  I had planned to watch the Eddies play some fooseball with Skip, grab a lager with Skip and be home by 10:30pm or so.  And of course this led to me running into Mr. Obeng (who I hadn't seen in quite some time...nice to see you, Eric) and walking from

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's 1:30am again and I'm still awake.

Shocking development when I sleep well through the morning on a regular basis.  Eh.  Having days free to do what you wish seems cool, but when you just sleep off and on for days on end then it's really not that exciting.  Maybe I don't really wish to do this?  I guess the jury's still out on that one.

Each morning this week I've set my alarm for 7:15am, and thus far each morning I don't remember shutting it off, but I know that I did because I roll over with the sun high in the sky and relative confidence that the sun high in the sky isn't what 7:15 looks we are nearing the end of September.  Maybe tomorrow things will get back on track.  I'll rise with time to do something interesting or constructive with my day.  Perhaps I'll go to the library.  Jarhead was on F/X a couple of times today.  Maybe I'll read the guy's memoirs.  The movie Jarhead closes with a Tom Waits song.  I like Tom Waits.  I thought it was fitting.  My room is a mess, maybe I'll clean that up tomorrow.  Things to do, things to do.  Always things to do..


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let this be heard circa de world:

My little map in the right column is seeing quite an influx red dots, marking hits from all over this fine planet we inhabit.  But I'm going to come on the level with you: I have no idea where [m]any of you are.  Except for Sthomas; he likes to tell me his locations via Gchat so I know when he pokes around on the 'Pad.  I could care less WHO actually is reading, I just care that people are reading (Obviously this is solely for my own amusement because I'm a selfish and narcissistic prick; I don't really aim to please anyone other than myself with this..KIDDING!).  You all know where I am; I tell you.  But if I like you then I'd like to know how life where you're at is, too.  So hell hello every god-damn once in awhile.

But seriously what do you cultured folks around the US and world think of the business that I'm airing in the street?  What do you want me to tackle next?  What do you think of where you're at?  Let me know what else is out there because I'm trying not to be a xenophobic bastard anymore.  I had a good run of comments back in about January and since, with my blogging regularity falling in the toilet, it seems I've lost many of my formerly loyal commenting bloc.  We've come too far to not rekindle our love and our give and take.  Love is a two way street, people ( If you're more comfortable giving with $$'s then don't forget you're all still free to donate to the cause in the upper right.  Just throwing it our there..).  Try it, Mikey; you'll like it.

Cheers (and hugs and kisses all around!! xoxo..).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another day in fantasy land..

Though this one was (believe it or not..) a bit miserable at times because I was out of bed well before 5am.  Had to get a hike in with the junior Mr. Gallagher and it was suggested we try a trail on the backside (Vermont side, I guess.  Back side from where the Maine-dogs are at..) of Mt. Washington that wasn't too aggressive, in hopes that Liam wouldn't cry.  And as some post times from the previous week have demonstrated I'm having a little trouble in the "getting to bed at 'normal, adult, professional' " hours.  I'm back in college mode and it sucks.  Even last night it was damn near 2am before I fell asleep and I had my last beer at about 8pm when I finished my wonderful supper.  Right now it's 12:45am and I am WIDE ASS awake.  This is after less than 3 hours of sleep.  No good, no good at all.

At any rate blogging has been a little slow this weekend because I acquired a (GASP!) virus on my desktop Saturday evening and it took me about 5 hours to get it flushed down the toilet.  I'll be honest, I was eating at my computer and magically my computer started sucking, so I didn't bother to refill my beer as I got pretty focused on getting that bastard out of my mainframe.  It locked all of my normal startup processes so I had to hack into the mainframe and then do about 68 other things by manually searching for files and registers and a whole bunch of other shit I never wanted to learn about computers and then removing the shitty files one at a time.  Just like Obama overseeing porked legislation with a fine-toothed comb (cough-bullshit-cough. Excuse me.).  I quit around 1:15 Sunday morning and then picked it back up this evening and things seem to be running swimmingly now.  HOOOOORAY, me.  But seriously I hat computers and if this shit happens again an 8lb. sledge will be solving my problems..

Long story short hike was great, got about 10 or 11 miles in round trip so not a bad way to spend a Sabbath.  I may post pictures, I may not.  Washington really doesn't impress me much.  I hate people.  And there are a lot of people on top with its auto road and cog railway cars rolling up all the time.  Great chili on top, but I'd prefer seeing less than 15 people over a day walking than to be greeted at the top by Dale Earnhardt and his Marboro red.  And this is from an Earnhardt fan and someone who has no problems with Marb reds...just, meet me at the Cage, not on top of a big hill.  It's more I just don't like people.  Yeah, that's it. 

And speaking of hating people (kind of..) Saw this one afternoon last week when I, well, wasn't working and being a layabout.  Take five and enjoy..
I'll buy this guy a beer if I ever run into him.  He GETS it (sort of.  Haha..).  Cheers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can't stop laughing at this right now..

Seriously.  I've watched it 14 times in the last five minutes.  Cheers (HAHA!).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stop the bus. Turn the radio up high..

Ya, ya, I'm back to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  Just too much of a good thing on Saturday.  And too much of a good thing is a good thing (Alan Jackson said that.  He speaks the truth..).  These are some good photos to put in perspective just how close we were.  It was unreal; I was impressed, and I'm not easily impressed.  I'd like to say I took these snapshots but I was too busy hippie dancing to bother with photograph taking.  So, thank Asima for her awesome-a eye and quick finger.  Though I must say upon further review of her film she found my hippie dancing more captivating than the show on stage.  Sorry for not allowing you to fully take in the sights; I was just living, toots.

Also again let me give a shout out to the greatest (read: only one I know of...but this is because it's so good I've yet to have a need for another...sorry, I'm honest.  And that's the truth..) GP&theN's blog out there: ThisIsSomewhere.

The guy who runs this has been around the block a time or two as he's got seriously good info on show

I don't normally like to re-post videos from the 'Stool..

but I just couldn't resist with this one.  I was a huge Gadget fan back in the day.  The only show I enjoyed watching more than Gadget was Scooby Doo.  Talk about legit.  Scooby Doo was legit.  That's the end of talking about legit.  You talk about Scooby Doo and nothing else. 

The only other show which was better than Gadget was Fraggle Rock.  But the Fraggles weren't animated so I'll look at them like apples and oranges and keep them separate conversations.  Which is probably the wrong attitude to have; I don't think Fraggle Rock has ever received the proper amount of dap it was due. 

Jim Henson outdid himself.  And now I see that there's a feature-length Fraggles release in the works for 2011!  Get your popcorn ready, if this gets more serious then you'll see a Wrestler-level hype machine coming right here.  I can only hope I get lucky enough to dig dirt on a Fraggle Rock movie.  Two of Henson's kids have signed on as producers, so it MUST be good.  Let the music play, indeed..


And this is why I love youtube.  I go to look for the Fraggle Rock theme and I find this gem.  People are great; really, they are.  I requested this song late Saturday night at the famed Bella Notte (Ristorante by day, sleazy dance floor by words, not theirs..) in bumfuck Western MA but the wankster DJ somehow didn't have DJ F-ING KOOL.  WTF, mate?!  Tell me you don't like my idea, tell me you don't like my fucking tie, but don't tell me you're a legitimate DJ and you don't have "Let Me Clear My Throat"..
Ah-ah, God damn is right.  Cheers.

It's been a slow week..

I suppose I was a little more banged up than I first suspected come Sunday evening.  O well, it's not like I had anything important to do this week (pretty standard, come to think of it..).  With a free schedule, however, I WAS able make it to the beach on Monday for some hours.  It was a beautiful day at Popham outside of the persistant breeze that deposited quite a bit of sand on my persons and in my jockey shorts.  But it was worth it.  Even with the wind it was a great day to pass out and get my tan back on the shores of the mighty yet tranquil Atlantic.

I love the beach.  Especially Popham.  When I think of the beach, I think of Popham.  That's my beach.  That's the long and the short of it.  This time I just drove to the main beach as I got a late start out of town and it was a Monday in the middle of September.  I suspected there wouldn't be too many people out...and that was more or less correct.  Still more people than I usually like to encounter at the beach (40-60ish, give or take a dog or kite or two) but there was still ample room.  Ya, you read that correctly.  I like to encounter (substantially..) less than 40 people when I go to the beach.  And more often that not I accomplish this by going to a sneaky little location on the backside of Popham (owned by my alma mater, actually) called the Morse Mountain conservation area.  A couple people know of this lovely spot, and the two mile or so walk in helps to keep all of the amateur beach-goers away.  Even on the busiest Saturday in July it seems only 25-30 people make their way out.  Which, to me, is awesome.  Just quiet relaxation next to the salt water.

I enjoy going here at all times of the year; it was my Sunday getaway spot during track seasons the past couple of years when I needed to unwind from the stresses of dealing with 50-60 student athletes on a daily basis.  It's close enough where during breaks I could sneak away for a morning and still make it back on campus in time for the afternoon practice session (Seriously, tell me you don't think this is awesome..just a book, a blanket and a thermos of coffee and life is good for awhile..).

Obviously I currently do not have these (or, to be honest...any) stressors, so Monday was a late morning and early afternoon of pure enjoyment.  Hell, I think I've earned it.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to sleep until noon on Tuesday and then not set foot out of my house for the remainder of the day.  I don't know how enjoying going to the beach relates to not breathing fresh air the following day, but it seems to fit nicely.  Today I finally got around to cleaning out my car.  I had way too much shit in it as I needed some decent wears to circulate in the Burlington area, some super-fun wears to party out at- and post-show in MA, and also my camp/hike gear as it was suggested prior to my departure by the junior Mr. Gallagher that since I had nothing better to do I should at least get a day's hike in.  And hike I did..

Monday, September 14, 2009

How sweet it is.. be back in my friendly desk chair within my corner office within my efficiency (cough-withinmyparents'  As I've relayed to you already it was kind of a whirlwind and also required quite a bit of driving.  While on the road home this afternoon it was brought to my attention that my vacation will finish with at least another day off as my boss is of town on an extended weekend of his own.  Shucks.  I really wanted to start working again, too.  Guess I'll just have to suck it up and go to the beach or something; it's supposed to be over 70 and sunny Monday so that's about as good as I can ask for in mid-September.  The fact that it's already mid-September is a bit overwhelming, come to think of it.  While some out there will say, "Matt, use your day off to finish your resume and find a job!" I will simply reply, "I plan to PRE-WRITE my resume in my head with my toes in the water and my ass in the sand on the shores of the Atlantic, of course!!"  Sounds like a productive day to me..


Old(er) Business (aka Present-ing the Past..)

I don't normally like to go back in time more than a day or two to catch up my comings and goings on here, but sometimes extenuating circumstances force you to re-think your philosophies and make exceptions when appropriate.  I feel that in this case my exception is appropriate.  You can call this:

Labor Day: A Labor of Love (of food)..

This really goes back about a month.  I watch a lot of Food Network and Travel Channel when I have nothing better to do because it's fairly mindless and I pick up cooking tips and interesting places that I'll probably never visit but at least I can say "Hey, I bet that would be a fun place to do nothing for awhile.."  ANYWAYS there was a Man vs Food marathon on and I kind of got sucked in.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Man vs. Food it's about some random guy who goes around the U.S. finding places that serve WAY-TOO-LARGE portions of food, and he samples a couple and then finishes each episode with some kind of a restaurant-designed food challenge.  Think The Ol' 96'er from The Great Outdoors, a John Candy classic from the late 80's.  On this particular show an early feature was a burger place in Atlanta GA.  I don't remember the name but they had a delicious burger treat that I thought I would build to spec and try out.  And here we are:
 (Ya, I know the flag in the background is a nice touch..)
You're probably asking yourself, "What is this monster?!" And I give you: The Burger From Hell.

But how did we get "here"?  Let me take you on a guided tour..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I gotta say it was a good day..

Yesterday.  Yesterday was a good day.  SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY!!  Looking back it really seems like two days rolled into one.  Very slow start, missed breakfast and had to settle on a greasy cafeteria lunch.  Business picked up, however, around 1pm when I and my cohorts began a short trek south by automobile to see my faves Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  Ya.  It was awesome.  That's really all I have to say about was awesome.  This was a tiny-ass venue, smaller than a little league field.  Great stone vibe though and excellent natural acoustics (and the fact we walked down front and were about three feet from the front of the big deal..) provided for one hell of an afternoon.  The music came into my ears and went down into my feets and I cut some serious rug.  Some jerk event staffer tried to ruin my good time during "Sweet Hands" by asking for proper credentials (I don't have a problem with people doing their jobs, but you don't have to be a jerk about it..) so I had to take a 10 second break in back before I made a triumphant return to the front row to smiles and high fives from all around who saw the aforementioned unfortunate situation go down.  Me: 1.  Event Staffer: 0.  Game, Set, Match.

After a serious intermission (and some serious enchiladas.  I was skeptical about the whole "I got after it this afternoon, I'm getting after it tonight, so for dinner in the middle let's have...enchiladas" but they tasted so good that I stopped looking to the future and got back to living in the present.  L.I.V.I.N'.   And things worked out swimmingly as I feel tremendous today.  I must rustle me up a ton of grub (I'm starving!) before I head north and back to real life.  I guess all things must come to an end at one point or another.  Ho Hum.  I promise some great shots of GP&theN's but obviously I didn't bring my own camera so I'll have to get shots from other folks before I post them as my own.  So for those of you with me Saturday with cameras I need to get some goodness quickly.  Please and thank you. 

O, one more thing: Football Sunday is back, BABAY.  Cheers (Neither spell checked nor grammar checked this; I'm on a Mac and I don't remember how to "right click".  My apologies I hope you understand..).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Long time, no see..

My apologies for being away without notice.  With Labor Day and all I decided to skip town on Tuesday morning and this is the first time I've seen a computer since my departure from the AUB.  After spending a couple of days in Burlingotn taking in all that Church St. had to offer I moved on, picked up a map and spent Thursday evening on Camel's Hump (kinky, eh..?) a 4300 ft hill in the heart of the Long Trail.  Pictures of Labor Day and my hike will follow upon my return home, but after an 8 mile trek back to my car this morning I've made it south to the fine campus of the Northfield Mount Hermon school to spend a weekend with KathV and her Hamiltonian friends while we see my girl Grace Potter and her lovely and talented Nocturnals.  We had dinner at their dining hall tonight; let's just say it was a surreal experience.  I've had my degree for over two years now and as much as I hate to go back to the dining hall at my alma mater this was more awkward by a factor of 10.  O well.  When it comes to Grace I'm down to get down.  MD all around!  Love and best dishes, ya'll and we'll catch up on Sunday.  Cheers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jesus is back..

Or at least according to the Goose populous.  And I trust those people as "The People".  So I guess the flow is back and the beard is substantial enough to call it a day.  Well done, me (I've already inserted a self-back slap.  Don't worry about it..).

I don't know.  I don't really see it.  Maybe I don't see it because I kept my sandals at home tonight so I wasn't rocking the Jesus feet (I didn't come up with that jive talk, but I represent it like my own.  shhh.) around town this fine evening (It was cold and there was a possibility I was just going to sleep in my car.  Don't ask.  I wanted to try to act my age today..).

Maybe the Goose-goers saw it because I'm possessing olive-colored skin from my many weeks above the Earth on roofs, and I am what color they believed Jesus to have been.  Or maybe it was because I was offering up my body to anyone who would listen and turning water into wine for all to see on my barstool.  Perhaps I blacked out and 30 days in the desert happened (or whatever) to me tonight.  I don't know.  But I got a photo op all the same.

To be honest here, when someone requested a photo of me I thought it was because I was drop dead sexy.  This perception of myself lasted for about 90 minutes until I was traveling away from said Goose and someone yelled, "BYE, JESUS (They were actually yelling, so I had to use caps..)! all came together.  But the Jesus references had been few and far between for quite some time. It's been a significant cold streak, what with having to "shave" and "cut my hair" while employed by my former employer (Well, I'd start out my contract neat.  Let's just say, between us, that during March-May the proverbial "wheels" had a proverbial "tendency" to proverbial "fall off"..) It appears, however, that I'm well on my way to working myself back into the old comfort zone.

And to those of you who say I may end up in Hell for calling myself the incarnation of the 2nd coming, let me attack your attack with a multi-pronged attack:
1. I never said I was/am Jesus.  Those words were spoken by heathens and I chose to offer up conjectures to where they developed their blasphemous opinions.
2. If I'm headed to hell then everyone else at the Goose will be there waiting for me, and tonight was a pretty good time.  I could handle a pretty good time for eternal damnation.  
I guess I only had two prongs on my attack.  While two is still technically multi, it appears my attack is the useless fork that comes with all grilling accessory kits.  Don't use the fork to turn your steak.  Use the tongs.  The fork opens up the meat and releases the juices and delicious flavors  nobody likes that.  And if you've become irritated by my random Jesus blog then chances are you aren't ascending to Heaven anyways because your Christian and not you're not one of G-d's chosen people anyway.  Sorry, I didn't make the rules; they(Jews...duh!)'ve been around longer and possession (including possession of G-d) is 9/10 of the law.  

I apologize to anyone/everyone I offended.  It's been a long night.  Haha.  Cheers(!!! and Happy Labor Day?!).

Friday, September 4, 2009

Saw Red..

I am circa de five years too young. First time you've heard me say that, I'm sure. Awesome. Enjoy your long weekends, fools. Cheers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Night Craziness..

Today is Tuesday. (Obviously..) I had nothing in the way of plans for after my workday was over with. So last night I was propositioned to proxy-draft a fantasy football for the junior Mr. Fletcher while he ate cake and went to his golf lesson. And if getting someone to draft your fantasy football team so you can take a golf lesson doesn't scream cake eater then I don't know what does. Sign me up for being the sketchy guy that lives in your basement later in life. Anywho. Let me tell you something: If you've never proxy-drafted a fantasy football team for someone who takes fantasy sports seriously (As serious as AIDS, actually, in the case of our friend Mr. Fletcher..) then CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY AND DON'T EVER CONSIDER DOING IT. It is absolutely miserable.

(As I say often enough..) I'm not a gambler and I never intend to be one (I say being owed two tall Buds at Gipper's because I bet Byrd would get the win AND a quality start last Sunday...I had a feeling about the Byrdman, what can I say? Well, I can say this: That was a $5 bet as I only go to Gipper's on Thursday after 9pm when the drafts are half price. So that's not really relevant to anything; I really hate to gamble..), so I don't even enjoy when I play fantasy football for money. I don't like to risk dinero on people that I have no control over, and also who have very little control themselves over what they do as far as their number go (other than Pey-shithead-ton Manning who "calls his own plays"...but we'll see how that goes this year with a new OC, slick...I hate that ka-ka hut). So here I am, as a guy who hates to lose his own money...trying not to lose someone else's money. And my direction was: "RB and WR heavy...I want at least one of the top tier WR's." Thanks, donkey.

With the #8 pick I was able to get LaDanian Tomlinson (He's not LT...There's only one LT, my friends, and he's the Defensive G.O.A.T. You'd better recognize..). Also got Randall Moss, Greg Jennings, Thomas Jones (who showed on Barstool NYC that he's the man), Tony Gonzo and the Vike's D. Not a bad haul of starters for a 12 team league, in my opinion. So I guess I held up my end of the bargain.
O, and note to those of you who play on ESPN...If you have NOT drafted yet then use the "Lite" Draft package; their super-flashy draft board is an absolute pain in the ass. I did my first draft with Lite because I didn't have the most up-to-date Flash BS and I couldn't update it because it occurred during my month without "internet" at the house...AWESOME but actually lucky come -to-find-out. The Lite lacks bye weeks but it's so much easier to navigate and stay up to speed. Take note and trust me.
I was so-so happy with my own draft from last week or whenever it was. I still haven't looked yet to see who I ended up with; I don't remember I guess I blacked out during it, or something. I'll stay with the not-checking plan in case I had an awful draft so that way I won't know I had an awful draft for another week or so. You know what they say: In the race between the tortoise and the hare, don't bet on the chicken (What, you thought I was going to say "Ignorance is bliss?" Amateur..).

Whatever, onward and up(er, down..)ward:

Awhile back I found some old Shel Silverstein poem collections in my home library (yes, I have a library...maybe I'm the eater of cake..) and I started to read some of my childhood memories prior to resting my eyes each evening. What's funny about Shel (at least, what I think is funny about Shel..), is that while many people know him as a humorous poet who wrote a bunch of children's poems, he also was a regular contributor in words and drawings to Playboy magazine throughout its existence and was a close friend of Hugh Hefner. He lived at the mansion for quite a while, too. Both mansions, I think, first the Chicago mansion (Yes, Heff had a Chicago mansion) and then again once Heff moved his shop to LA. I was a subscriber for a couple of years. And yes, I read the articles (This is proof, actually..) But anyways ya I guess it was kind of obvious as a lot of his poems and drawings were a little twisted. I'm not meaning to imply that he wrote a ton of Penthouse Forum-esque stories complete with illustrations, just that he was also a very popular adult humorist to-boot. All-in-all a great guy.

For whatever reason during my semi-recent nightly readings I had wanted to recite a poem or two for all of you out there hiding in the "internet" but I never really got around to it. Also RIGHT AFTER I thought of this (well, not right after but within 36 hours...I wish I was making this up..) I was at Bull Moose wandering through their selection and they had a CD of Shel Silverstein reciting a bunch of his poems from A Light In The Attic (one of my two Silverstein collections, along with Where The Sidewalk Ends). I didn't buy it because I wanted to hear myself reciting his stuff first so I wouldn't be biased and attempt to do it with a Silverstein-ian twist on things. I like me and trust my steeze.

All that was to say here's me doing Shel in by second vlog here on the 'Pad:

I'd actually like to vlog more because I'm a slow typer. Maybe if I ever make it back to LL Bean and I buy one of those neat and tiny tripods that have three little, flexible legs that can mold and shape around things and allow a camera to balance on uneven surfaces (like rocks, or cluttered desks..) then I'd do it more. Right now I don't have a good way for me to get my smiling face in the frame without me holding the camera itself. And that's just too technical for me.

O, and if you don't like my oratory skillz: bite me. And if you have any requests for a reading let me know. I also have a great voice and am an excellent signer. Probably the best singer I know. Just sayin'..

Cheers (Wow I've used way too many parentheses tonight, even for me. Maybe I should just try to stay on a single thought one of these days...IT'S JUST SO DAMN HARD TO DO!!).