Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let this be heard circa de world:

My little map in the right column is seeing quite an influx red dots, marking hits from all over this fine planet we inhabit.  But I'm going to come on the level with you: I have no idea where [m]any of you are.  Except for Sthomas; he likes to tell me his locations via Gchat so I know when he pokes around on the 'Pad.  I could care less WHO actually is reading, I just care that people are reading (Obviously this is solely for my own amusement because I'm a selfish and narcissistic prick; I don't really aim to please anyone other than myself with this..KIDDING!).  You all know where I am; I tell you.  But if I like you then I'd like to know how life where you're at is, too.  So hell hello every god-damn once in awhile.

But seriously what do you cultured folks around the US and world think of the business that I'm airing in the street?  What do you want me to tackle next?  What do you think of where you're at?  Let me know what else is out there because I'm trying not to be a xenophobic bastard anymore.  I had a good run of comments back in about January and since, with my blogging regularity falling in the toilet, it seems I've lost many of my formerly loyal commenting bloc.  We've come too far to not rekindle our love and our give and take.  Love is a two way street, people ( If you're more comfortable giving with $$'s then don't forget you're all still free to donate to the cause in the upper right.  Just throwing it our there..).  Try it, Mikey; you'll like it.

Cheers (and hugs and kisses all around!! xoxo..).

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