Friday, September 11, 2009

Long time, no see..

My apologies for being away without notice.  With Labor Day and all I decided to skip town on Tuesday morning and this is the first time I've seen a computer since my departure from the AUB.  After spending a couple of days in Burlingotn taking in all that Church St. had to offer I moved on, picked up a map and spent Thursday evening on Camel's Hump (kinky, eh..?) a 4300 ft hill in the heart of the Long Trail.  Pictures of Labor Day and my hike will follow upon my return home, but after an 8 mile trek back to my car this morning I've made it south to the fine campus of the Northfield Mount Hermon school to spend a weekend with KathV and her Hamiltonian friends while we see my girl Grace Potter and her lovely and talented Nocturnals.  We had dinner at their dining hall tonight; let's just say it was a surreal experience.  I've had my degree for over two years now and as much as I hate to go back to the dining hall at my alma mater this was more awkward by a factor of 10.  O well.  When it comes to Grace I'm down to get down.  MD all around!  Love and best dishes, ya'll and we'll catch up on Sunday.  Cheers.

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