Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back on the grind, y'all..

Yep, I got my shoes on a roof again today.  Three weeks off was nice (at times..) and not nice (at other times..) but obviously three weeks off comes with its own set of shortcomings.  Namely, my wallet is a bit more manageable (read: empty, so I manage by having nothing outside of my house I can do other than go to the library as long as I remember to return them before they become overdue because I'll have no way to pay my's a nail-biting, pressure-packed lifestyle I lead..) now than it was at the start of September.

I need a little cash cow (a little moo-la-moo..) to get back to living the lifestyle I've become accustomed to so I'm pretty sure working for some days will be a welcome respite from doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I also came up with a little rhyme in honor of my return to work, inspired by the classic American film Billy Madison:
Back to work
Back to work
To prove to Dad that I'm not a (dor.., no, lazypieceofshitwhohasnoambitionandnodesiretofindarealjobandwantstocontinue-skatingthroughlifewithoutanyoneholdinghimaccountabl.., no, let's go with the first one:) dork.

I've got my lunch pail here
And my shoes tied tight
I hope I don't fall off, that would be a wicked pain in my ass.
Cheers (and here's to getting over the hump..).

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