Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stop the bus. Turn the radio up high..

Ya, ya, I'm back to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  Just too much of a good thing on Saturday.  And too much of a good thing is a good thing (Alan Jackson said that.  He speaks the truth..).  These are some good photos to put in perspective just how close we were.  It was unreal; I was impressed, and I'm not easily impressed.  I'd like to say I took these snapshots but I was too busy hippie dancing to bother with photograph taking.  So, thank Asima for her awesome-a eye and quick finger.  Though I must say upon further review of her film she found my hippie dancing more captivating than the show on stage.  Sorry for not allowing you to fully take in the sights; I was just living, toots.

Also again let me give a shout out to the greatest (read: only one I know of...but this is because it's so good I've yet to have a need for another...sorry, I'm honest.  And that's the truth..) GP&theN's blog out there: ThisIsSomewhere.

The guy who runs this has been around the block a time or two as he's got seriously good info on show
recaps, upcoming performances and also just everything else that involves the band.  It's also nice to see another guy out there who has no problem showing love for music (that is oftentimes..) written from a woman's perspective.  I belt out the lyrics without inhibition; I am awesome.  And speaking of awesome, let me reiterate that this site is awesome.  No bullshit: if you like GP&theN's then check regularly to stay tuned in to their goings on.

And don't kid me: I know everyone who reads this is just looking to waste time so here's another site for you to waste your time on when my well runs dry.

ThisIsSomewhere also always seems to locate high quality links to live bootlegs, of which I am a huge fan.  I find little better to do with nothing to do then kick back to a recording of a live show I was at, smile, and sip a brew or two..  Actually, I'm doing that right now..
So courtesy of ThisIsSomewhere here is your link to the GP&theN's performance from the Royal Family Get Down.  For you less-computer-literate folks out there look under the blue-and-white "Individual Files" heading, then "Whole Item" subheading, then on the second line on the right there's a "103MB" link.  Save that shit, right click, extract all, upload to your itunes and become a hot mess again (If you've got a Mac then do everything your supposed to do to download and unzip files on a Mac...sorry, it's been awhile.) 
The energy here was crazy.  They put it out all out there for triple digit people.  How can you not respect the shit out of that?  And I've heard it a couple of times now but "If I Was From Paris" is easily my favorite live song.  No idea why.  Just shooting from the gut.  But if you don't know, now you know.

Again, Awesome job, Awesome-a..

New album set to drop by the end of the year (last I heard, at least..).  There's another topic I'll be more than excited to blog about when I hear further details.  (Wait, there's already an empty glass next to me...allow me to refill, then: ) Cheers.

PS - Life was good that fine afternoon..

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