Thursday, September 17, 2009

I don't normally like to re-post videos from the 'Stool..

but I just couldn't resist with this one.  I was a huge Gadget fan back in the day.  The only show I enjoyed watching more than Gadget was Scooby Doo.  Talk about legit.  Scooby Doo was legit.  That's the end of talking about legit.  You talk about Scooby Doo and nothing else. 

The only other show which was better than Gadget was Fraggle Rock.  But the Fraggles weren't animated so I'll look at them like apples and oranges and keep them separate conversations.  Which is probably the wrong attitude to have; I don't think Fraggle Rock has ever received the proper amount of dap it was due. 

Jim Henson outdid himself.  And now I see that there's a feature-length Fraggles release in the works for 2011!  Get your popcorn ready, if this gets more serious then you'll see a Wrestler-level hype machine coming right here.  I can only hope I get lucky enough to dig dirt on a Fraggle Rock movie.  Two of Henson's kids have signed on as producers, so it MUST be good.  Let the music play, indeed..


And this is why I love youtube.  I go to look for the Fraggle Rock theme and I find this gem.  People are great; really, they are.  I requested this song late Saturday night at the famed Bella Notte (Ristorante by day, sleazy dance floor by words, not theirs..) in bumfuck Western MA but the wankster DJ somehow didn't have DJ F-ING KOOL.  WTF, mate?!  Tell me you don't like my idea, tell me you don't like my fucking tie, but don't tell me you're a legitimate DJ and you don't have "Let Me Clear My Throat"..
Ah-ah, God damn is right.  Cheers.

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