Monday, September 14, 2009

How sweet it is.. be back in my friendly desk chair within my corner office within my efficiency (cough-withinmyparents'  As I've relayed to you already it was kind of a whirlwind and also required quite a bit of driving.  While on the road home this afternoon it was brought to my attention that my vacation will finish with at least another day off as my boss is of town on an extended weekend of his own.  Shucks.  I really wanted to start working again, too.  Guess I'll just have to suck it up and go to the beach or something; it's supposed to be over 70 and sunny Monday so that's about as good as I can ask for in mid-September.  The fact that it's already mid-September is a bit overwhelming, come to think of it.  While some out there will say, "Matt, use your day off to finish your resume and find a job!" I will simply reply, "I plan to PRE-WRITE my resume in my head with my toes in the water and my ass in the sand on the shores of the Atlantic, of course!!"  Sounds like a productive day to me..


Old(er) Business (aka Present-ing the Past..)

I don't normally like to go back in time more than a day or two to catch up my comings and goings on here, but sometimes extenuating circumstances force you to re-think your philosophies and make exceptions when appropriate.  I feel that in this case my exception is appropriate.  You can call this:

Labor Day: A Labor of Love (of food)..

This really goes back about a month.  I watch a lot of Food Network and Travel Channel when I have nothing better to do because it's fairly mindless and I pick up cooking tips and interesting places that I'll probably never visit but at least I can say "Hey, I bet that would be a fun place to do nothing for awhile.."  ANYWAYS there was a Man vs Food marathon on and I kind of got sucked in.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Man vs. Food it's about some random guy who goes around the U.S. finding places that serve WAY-TOO-LARGE portions of food, and he samples a couple and then finishes each episode with some kind of a restaurant-designed food challenge.  Think The Ol' 96'er from The Great Outdoors, a John Candy classic from the late 80's.  On this particular show an early feature was a burger place in Atlanta GA.  I don't remember the name but they had a delicious burger treat that I thought I would build to spec and try out.  And here we are:
 (Ya, I know the flag in the background is a nice touch..)
You're probably asking yourself, "What is this monster?!" And I give you: The Burger From Hell.

But how did we get "here"?  Let me take you on a guided tour..

    A little sip..  +   Eggs, Cheese & Bacon..  +   Fine Burger meat..

Toss on some grilled cheese sangwiches..then start to stack..

Finish with a squish and a slice..

Eyeball the 10oz burger, three eggs with cheese and six bacon slices piled in between two grilled cheese sangwiches..

It tasted just like it smelled: DELICIOUS.  Cheers ( I know the math in the pictures doesn't add up.  Marie wanted a burge without all the breakfast fixings so she had one of the smaller, 6oz patties pictured.  And Liam stopped by so I whipped him up a baby open-faced number (because he's a girl..) which included a 6oz patty, one egg with cheese and two bacon slices on a single grilled cheese sangwich.  And for a normal day I suggest you try that number, you just might like it..
O, and PS on the picture quality: I'm still working out the quirks of Blogger's new picture embedder and I struggled with it today so I cheated and just put some pictures together as one file instead of posting them all individually.  This caused for a lack in picture quality when I enlarged the thumbnails.  For whatever reason I couldn't get two or more pictures on one line and still get text where it needed to be.  Basically it was an all out cluster fuck for an hour or so and I'm pretty steamed that some of the pictures look shitty on here.  To see high quality images of my stolen creation then click on the pictures and by the magic of the "internet" you'll be able to see the pictures as they were intended to look.  I'll get things corrected before I do more picture-related posts.  Thanks for bearing with me..).  

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