Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Bonnaroo memory

Katzenjammer.  They're from Norway, or so I've read since.  They played on a small stage before someone else we were planning to see one afternoon down there.  I don't remember who were were waiting to see.  It may have been Grace.  I feel like we went to the Sonic  stage a couple of times but Grace is the only act I distinctly remember going to the Sonic stage to see.

Whoever was filming this is a moron and clearly doesn't know how to focus their camera but I'll let that slide because the energy was great, and I found all four of these ladies to be cute in their own way while I was watching them perform and this fuzzy camerawork helps me keep my vague, hazy, and nondescript attraction intact.  Besides that, any group with a mandolin and a kazoo is A-Okay in my book.  Cheers.

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