Thursday, November 26, 2009


A good thing about Thanksgiving is that it always falls on a Thursday.  Thursdays are my Gipper's day because there are half price drafts after 9pm, as you all know.  I know you know because I've told you all about this fact on more than one occasion.  And as luck would have it Gipper's understands that family and togetherness doesn't always stop with those who live under the same roof.  As always I'm sure this will make for a good time and my G-Men are on so I'll need to be out somewhere to watch them dominate the Broncos.
Side story here: So Jenny and I went to lunch with the Shadow yesterday and...we went to Gipper's.  Their chili is splendid and my new favorite burger is the Youkilis burger; it has chili and melted cheddar on top and is delightful.  I didn't get that yesterday I just got the chili but I wanted to get that out there.  Brings great heat.  But that's not my side story...Jenny is in a pick'em pool thing where everyone picks, straight up, the winners for all of the NFL games each week and this gets added up over the season and whoever wins gets big money.  Now, up until last week Jenny tells me she was in first place winning "ten to fourteen" games a week.  I say nice work.  But then she asked me to go down a list and pick the games for the week.  I understand I like to think I know a lot about football and that I can talk a lot about football and so I talked some but now I'm all nervous because I very well could have mushed her good luck.  Clearly she's been doing something right pulling picks out of her hindquarters so now that I've offered up info if I'm wrong it's on me.  So, notice to Jenny: I don't think you check this often because you don't have any time in your day to do anything other than work...o, another story here: she doesn't watch any sporting channels during the week.  So she is ::literally:: shooting from the hip and I commend that...but disregard everything I said yesterday and keep doing what you're doing on your own.  I don't gamble, don't evert plan to gamble, so I feel it would be more appropriate for me to not influence anyone who actually gambles.  If I did gamble I'd probably play the money lines, though.  They seem like fun.
At any rate I hope the couple of people who read this enjoy their break from their daily grinds for good food with good people.  To those of you who couldn't make it back north I miss you and I look forward to seeing you when you head up or I head down...whichever comes first.  Shipyard Prelude will be getting tapped in about an hour and fall is officially over.

Rooper's is good people as they rushed an order to get it for me yesterday.  Good people.  So while I may not have a lot of clout a lot of places at least I know that buying close to 30 kegs over the last couple years gets you a little cred at Roop's.  And this is my baby:

And this is previous damage:

Have a great day, and Cheers (of course..).

[Editor's Note:  I wrote this but didn't have time to get the pictures up before dinner.  For full disclosure Prelude was flowing when we dined.  My apologies for the time inconsistencies..]

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