Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Ides of November have cometh..

Jamey Johnson live at the Fryburg Fair in October:

Where the hell was I...not really sure how I missed this.  Just by looking at the guy you all probably could tell I'd be a fan even if his music sucked, but his music doesn't suck so suck "it."  I've wrote his name on multiple scraps of paper in efforts to remind myself to look for his CD at Bull Moose when I head there...and I went today but forgot.  Obviously.  Pick up ZBB for eight bucks though.  STEAL.  Not mad at that find. 

ANYWAYS I've only been to Maine's Blue Ribbon once way back when I was a little tyke and the fam went up with my grandparents but had I known I could have seen this I definitely would have headed over last month.  F. 

And speaking of F...Where the f did the last six months of my life go?

I mean, I know where it went: Nowhere, for the most part.  Ya, I got to see some of the country, got some hikes in, had some good times here and there, but for the most part I've just been stuck in neutral.  Stuck may not be the right word, as I can't say I was really looking to change anything and actually look for jobs or other places to reside or anything that would actually lead to...change.  SO it's really been more of conscious choice to keep my foot on the brake.  Whatever, enough life-imitating-car-analogies..

Recently, however, I've started making progress.  I was lame again on Halloween...for the third year in a while I wasn't going out I took the time to finally compile a legitimate, current resume.  I thought about going as The Dude but I couldn't quite find a costume or create a goatee capable of tying the room together, so to speak.  Maybe next year.  But I digress.  A resume?  That's a big step for I hadn't really done that since my college days.  Not senior year in college but during my junior year.  I applied for a summer internship with the Maine Center for Public Health so I did the resume and cover letter thing, got an interview, went to the interview, didn;t get the job and decided "That was a lot of work for nothing...I don't really want to do that again."

And so, I didn't.  Until now.  And...I've already sent it out.  Only one place, because I know folks who work there so hopefully they can pull strings and let me slide in, as I've slid into my last couple years of employment...but at least it's something.  I'm about 60% confident that this has gotten the ball rolling and the proverbial "snowball effect" will take place henceforth (hopefully before snowballs are present around here..) and I'll get other resumes out and...hopefully...have something else to do and a change in scenery sometime soon.  I say just 60% because I'm also lazy and full of shit a lot of the time but I've already done something so my odds of doing something else are greater than a coin flip.  Slightly.

This isn't saying I'm sold on the idea of joining the 9-5, office-working, tie-wearing slobs of the world.  Just the thought of me in that situation makes me cringe.  F.  OF COURSE I'm exploring other, "less serious, more laid back (read: fun and/or actually enjoyable)" options.  Things are in preliminary stages across the board and I have contingency plans left and right and up and down.  Hell, one or two may even drift into the fourth dimension.  Things are up in the air, but at least I've stepped out of purgatory and into some semblance of an action phase, however preliminary this may actually turn out to be.  And I suppose I can handle that.  If you've got ideas and/or places for me to work then let me know.  I'm all ears.  That, and places to stay as I try to "get on my feet elsewhere" in the near future.  I've sort of set a Jan 1 (2010.  See, legitimate date to make for a legitimate plan..) "Move out of Marie and Skip's place" date.  They're good people, obviously, as they've put up with me this long so it's about damn time I get out of their way and out on my own.

So, 45 days to work shit out.  I think I can handle that.  I'll going to sleep.  Cheers (and G'nights all around, business is beginning to pick up..).

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