Saturday, November 21, 2009

Never leaving my camera at home again..

I've never been a big camera guy...I've yet to pull the trigger on an SLR even though I'd really like one...but today the scene at Fitzy was absolutely amazing.  Granted the weather helped a ton as it was well over 50 and sunny all day.  But by 11am there were well over 10,000 people in the stadium to watch Bangor v. Windham, which is pretty damn cool in my opinion.  Like I said yesterday or the day before I know a little bit about Maine high school football and I've never seen a crowd like that out for a State game...ever.  We skipped the Class C game because we were thirsty and we didn't need to see JV football (I'm a jerk but Maine Dogs know what I'm speaking about..) but when we got back for the Class B game featuring Leavitt and Cape Elizabeth there were damn near 6,000 folks still in the stadium when it was pitch dark out.  At 6pm.  Not the same folks...but still 6,00 folks at 6pm.  That's a usual Class A crowd.  Like I said: weather is weather, but it was pretty cool to see a ton of folks in the state come out and support some good football.  Cudo's to you all (Granted...I didn't pay as Skip got an MPA pass for us to get in free.  He won't tell it this way...but it was my idea to walk out on the field upon arrival at 10am to shoot the shit with the Windham staff, soley because we run the place and no one was going to tell us that we couldn't just walk out on the turf.  Well, he runs shit.  I just don't give a shit.  ANYWAYS.  Suppose we were their lucky charm...).  But I say I needed a camera because a lot of folks outside of Maine don't believe we (read: Maine...the state) can bring it as far as sports, and today was a huge step in the right direction.  In the A game Windham is a program that started developmentally about 10 years ago but worked up through the B and then A ranks running the spread offense and now are showing people what happens to folks who believe in their system and master it.  Matt Perkins, you don't read this, but well done to you and your Windham Eagles.  It was great to see. 

Also well done to Coach Hathaway and the Leavitt Hornets in Class B.  I never played for Mike but I sure as hell got after it alongside old man Hathaway in the EL stands back in high school gyms as he cussed out all those c's (his word, not mines..) from the other teams as us high schoolers banged bucket drums and I belted out the "Winning Team, Losing Team" chant before I was asked to leave basketball games.  THOSE, my friends, were the good old days.  But today was a great day for Maine football and I wish I had some photos of just how jam packed Fitzy was.  It was a treat.  Enjoy your nights, my frineds.  Cheers.

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