Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thoughts while I'm cleaning up..

Since I used my backpack to walk around the beach last week all of my other hiking stuff has been strewn about my room, and coupled with the laundry I didn Friday and have yet to put away I guess things have piled up.  So I'm feeling productive.  Well, I haven't actually started cleaning yet but I feel productive for thinking about cleaning up.  Maybe that's my problem in life...thinking thoughts will actually get my somewhere instead of just...doing...something.  I'll revisit that later..

I'm very happy with my new winter hat.  Now I can keep my work hat my work hat and not have to worry about wearing a grimy hat out on colder evenings.  There's nothing special about the new lid.  SImple, yet effective.  I like that.

Made pizza again tonight.  Or flatbreads.  Or flatbread pizzas.  I still haven't quite settled on what I'd like to call them yet.  It's pretty free form, which I like.  I just shoot from the hip and see what I come up with.  And much of my inspiration comes from the Flatbread Company which has locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and...Hawaii.  Riiiiight.  But they're kind of like pizza, but kind of not.  I don't bother to make my own dough because that seems a little too time consuming for me so again I used the help of the I-Ti.  They're the best.  And I get a semi-brick-oven effect because I have a baking stone that I heat the shit out of and I pre-crisp my dough on my grill.  Maybe a little labor-intensive but I think it's worth it.  Made another BBQ chicken, another margherita (this time correctly with basil..) and I picked up some fresh Sam's meatballs and sliced them up for a third.  All, again, were quite tasty.  This time I took pictures.  Whenever I actually get around to getting out from under this roof this may because a leftover staple.  I'm pretty sure any day old dinner will taste swell on some dough and cooked in an oven with some sort of sauce/cheese combo.  I like that idea.

Today it rained when I was on a roof.  I was standing on the peak and wanted to get down so I slid along the boards back down to the plank we had set up on the roof.  They were rough.  I was a little unhappy.  In the summer when it rained it usually seemed cold when I was in a t-shirt and shorts, even though it was hot.  Today when it rained I had my wool/cotton shirts on that I wear every day and I wasn't cold.  I was just miserable because I was getting rained on.  Ho-hum.  Couple hours of work tomorrow and then on cruise control until Monday.  Not mad about that as I don't really like to work.

Speaking of wool/cotton blend shirts, these are the best shirts on earth:

LL Bean's Two Layer River Driver's shirt. I have five of them, I think.  None of which I've picked up in the last two years, and the oldest of which I got when I was a freshman in college.  All are holding up nicely.  Even my work ones, which get worn every day.  I'm impressed.  These suckers are warm as shit, especially when you layer one on top of another, as I do.  That's all I usually wear outside.  Granted last year they bumped the price up two bucks so now they're over $30...but I promise you that's not why I haven't bought one this year.  I just told you I have five, I clearly don't need a six-pack.  I do, however, need some silkweight long underwear to complete my hike wardrobe so maybe I'll pick up that top and bottom sometime this week.  That would make my day and mark the first new clothes I've picked up in quite some time.  I may only wear them six or seven times but it'll be nice to have them and that's enough for me to count them as a "clothes" purchase. 

Welp, I'm tired so I'm going to get to bed.  Not much in the way of thoughts and so much for getting things cleaned up.  For those heading places tomorrow for the celebration of "Americans" celebrating before they slaughtered indigenous peoples I wish each of you safe travels.  I'll be seeing a few of you around town over the next couple of days, I'm sure.  Cheers.

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