Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday (and every other...) Morning

Most of you know I have a pretty relaxed daily schedule [Editors Note: the fact this is going up after 10:30am upon my immediate arrival to the office should illustrate that I have a rather fluid schedule...]. I get to work when I get to work. I leave work whenever it is that I decide I'm finished for the day. It's not half bad when I phrase it this way. But if there's one time of the day I enjoy most it is in the mornings before I go to work. I conveniently sleep in until at least 7:30am (read: usually 8:30) before I rise and start my day.

For the past three and a half weeks or so I've been sleeping in a sleeping bag rather than under my covers. I don't really know how this started other than I got a new bag 2ish months ago and never got around to trying it out until the middle of January. Since then I guess I just haven't bothered to stuff it back in its sack. I can't say it's overly comfortable but it does have a handy little zipper at the bottom so I can unzip a crack and keep my feet from sweating. I don't like hot feet when I'm recharging by battery. I think I like the bag because I feel "safe" inside. Safe, with a side of suffocating claustrophobia. It's really a treat.

The place where my head rests is also my (cluttered) workstation for many of my masterpieces I need to write in notepad so the format doesn't get messed up as I cut and paste text into the lovely form you're staring at I call it my efficiency, because living with your parents just isn't that cool.

(Note the minesweeper scores. I'm legit...)

Once I finally rise I spend the remainder of my morning listening to music and showering and eating breakfast. The paper is usually out but I generally don't read it. This particular morning I was listening to some new old Warren Zevon. New in the sense the album was just released last year, old in the sense the songs for the album were recorded pre-1976. Warren's prime, in my humble opinion. It's got some demo versions and some unreleased stuff. It is (appropriately) named "Preludes." I give it a 7 out of 7 Hershey Kisses.

My breakfasts are almost exclusively oatmeal. Usually Quaker because mommy buys Quaker. When we start to run low I replenish our cabinets with store-brand because that's how I roll. It is a tasty morning treat, either way. Usually I shower before breakfast and then compliment my oatmeal with a glass of water and a cup of coffee, but some days I mix it up. I also make my lunch during this time. Well-played mornings when I'm on top of things I'll shower, then eat, then make my lunch, but mornings when I refuse to get out of bed until after 95% of you folks are already working I need to eat while I'm making my sandwich and gathering my fruit and vegetables. So it goes. Early-rising mornings also allow me to quickly check my email, throw up the occasional post and play a few games of solitaire and minesweeper. Each of these tasks contribute to me going into the office relaxed...if I miss one of these (usually not enough minesweeper) my day continues rockily.

Since it's the winter time I need to usually preheat the Blue Angel while I'm brushing and flossing my teeth so she's all purring and ready to go for the long drive to the office. Thinking of this reminds me I need to take her to get washed on my way to work one of these days. She's a mess. Cheers.

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