Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baseball's Back

In honor of spring training kicking off this week I'd like to take this opportunity to flashback to the 2004 post season celebration which involved a region rejoicing and a merchandise campaign which brought our local Sawks commercial success which only the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys have seen. Let me just say this: Pink hats suck.

This particular attempt at humor made by Mastercard highlights the true fans who had suffered through heartbreaking World Series loses of the 70's and 80's as well as the ineptitude of the Dan Duquette years. Some people made promises they would regret later in life. This also allowed Dennis Leary to still be Dennis Leary. He's really something else...

(I don't know who owns the rights for this video, but credit to them...)

And with SPRING training beginning let me announce my new weather rating scale for all to see. There are only two kinds of days: good days and bad days. Good days the temps are above freezing and the snow melts. Bad days the temps are below freezing, or ::gasp:: we get more snow. I'll take two weeks of straight 35 degree temps and rain if it means this white stuff is gone. Plain and simple, let's get the spring train rolling. And with that (and today I didn't even have to use my AK...), I've got to say it was a good day. Thursday? Forecast says not to it goes. Cheers.

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