Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Posture Problems

Few of you probably know this because most all of you have never seen me in front of a keyboard before, but when I type I have incredibly poor posture. I slouch like the dickens so my back is usually sore and I lean WAY in towards the screen so when I leave work my eyes are BURNING. No, wait, it's really not that extreme. But, really, I'm sure I do appear unprofessional, whether I'm at my workstation in my office or my workstation in my efficiency. If I keep this up by the time I am 35 I'll be a human resources and professional safety manager's worst nightmare. This probably just means I should stop looking for jobs that require me to sit at a desk all day. It would not only kill my back but it would also rot my brain. I don't like florescent lighting when I KNOW natural light is available elsewhere. I'm not a prisoner in the hole in OZ. I'm a GOOD guy! I just enjoy sitting leaning forward with my chin in my hand. Rubbing my scraggly facial hair unconsciously. It gives me a pensive look and it allows me to pass the time..

(Circa 2007 at my well-kept workstation, focused on my thesis...)

I believe it all comes back to how in my house growing up we did not have a legitimate desk to set our computer on. It was more of a shelf and I was never able to pull up close to the monitor and rest my arms comfortably on the keyboard area. No leg space. An extremely uncomfortable place, like the back of a Volkswagen. And I'm still a two-finger-typer so that doesn't set you up well to be comfortable at a computer, from my experiences at least. Even my offices for the last two years have been the same way. I had no room to slide in and extend my legs. My knees were killing me by the end of last year. This year is a bit better as I sit at a legitimate desk but I need to have my laptop fairly far away from my face so I still lean in like a boxer with a glass jaw. New goal: Sit up straighter. It's a tough life I lead. Cheers.

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