Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scholarly Research: Finally Revealed...

When I got home Monday night I realized a lot of what I spill on here is just biased, unfounded bullshit, and I began wondering if anyone actually takes me seriously. That is, if anyone actually considers me to be a legitimate writer. It took me until Wednesday but I've decided to demonstrate my intellectual side in the only way I know how: by presenting you all with my undergraduate thesis. This was the product of 8 months of non-stop hard work and dedication that few have matched in the history of the college. I can actually sum up the structure of it in one word: concise. I am confident I dd not waste a single word in the forty-three hundred which covered fifteen and one half pages of my experimental design. Added to my fifteen pages of cover sheets, abstract, references and appendicies I was able to produce a lean, mean 31 page work of art which will remain a timeless relic on the campus of Bates College. It was only turned in 17 days late and during the 2nd week of short term, but I promise you this thing is a gem.

Obviously I've submitted this baby to countless scholarly review boards in an effort to be published, but right now it has only been contained as the lead article in Bates' annual Psychology Review (This actually is the truth and is not a joke, I promise you that much...I've got the hard copy to prove it). So if you've got 5 minutes to kill take a look at it, and if you can tell me what I was able to correlate then you are a better person than I. For you current college students out there set your goals high and if you need any advice on your theses after reading this then you just let me know.

Seriously though, the preparation of a thesis is what you make of it, and I made it a fun and exciting time and made a lifelong friend in Kathy Low. Us A-towners need to stick together. She's legit. And I had a blast throwing together a poster in powerpoint in one night. It came out looking much better than the thesis did, which in my opinion was all that mattered. That, and I got to put pictures of myself and other close friends in it, unlike the thesis. Go Bobcats! Cheers.

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