Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When you're in the papes, you're famous...

And that's what's so great about Barstool Sports!

Yes, by now many of you are aware of this: This ugly mug was featured on the site of Greater Boston's foremost smut peddler (Scroll to #3...). And I (of course) couldn't be prouder of this (Neither could Nick, apparently, who now seems to be the newest blogger on the 'Stool. And just ask him how funny he thinks he is for his PS line, he'll tell you. Hah, just goes to show how clever I was...)
I'm even willing to let slide the fact the site's head honcho hasn't replied to one of the four emails I sent that bastard. One of them was even a smoke show tip and of course she got posted. And I think many of us had a laugh about the good old days. Ah, memories.

Anyways. I bring it when it comes to Halloween, but this costume took the cake. I haven't been out for Halloween since. That's how psychologically damaged I am because of this costume. It's obvious I have nowhere to go but down. I went from a badass Johnny Damon (Had to fake the beard, everyone knows I can't grow facial hair...) to a more than lifelike Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow (needed to glue extensions on the "goatee," but beaded my own hair...) to the coup de grace...Lt. Daniel Taylor. Admit it, I'm good. If I wasn't in college I would have made bank at a bar with this little getup (the paper bag beer coozie was an aftermarket accessory, sorry Gary). It's called commitment. And I had it coming out my ears that evening. Guys wanted to be me. Ladies wanted me (and the one who got me was kind enough to push me home so I could stay in costume...I know you're out there and I thank you).

One day inspiration will strike and I'll come back stronger than ever. But for now I'm useless. If you want to make me feel better then buy me the t-shirt El Pres never came through on. Straight Cash, Homey (size large)!! And on a side note if you don't know the 'Stool then get to know it. Jerry Thorton is the king.

There's nothing like going to the Goose and having random people recognize you. It's really a treat. Cheers (to that).


  1. You're welcome for pushing you home, hot stuff :)

  2. Actually-- I take that back. It sucked getting stuck in every other pothole.