Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Kicks

Sunday was a beautiful morning which made me hopeful spring will be on the way soon; it was a great morning to be out on a walk. I fell asleep at Shawn's the night before so it would have been no big deal to walk home; however, my car was well across town heading away from my efficiency (this will catch on with everyone who is currently living with their parents, trust me) so I had Mommy pick me up and give me a lift to the Angel after a bit of walking. It was the silver anniversary of her 29th birthday so I waited until I got home and brushed my teeth before a birthday kiss was given. Anyway I told you that story for no other reason than to say my Mom and I went to Freeport and LL Bean on Sunday afternoon.

I had some camping items which I was interested in taking a look at, and I ended up getting a Thermarest sleep pad and a camel bag for my backpack. The pad is legit, I slept on it last night because I am a loser. But that's neither here nor there and the real purpose of this is coming now...made an impulse buy and picked up a new pair of kicks:

Found a pretty sweet pair of suede Sperry Topsiders. Note the Sperry logo and the patented wave outsole. I don't plan to be slipping on any poop decks this season, my friends. Anyways I had wanted a pair of Clarks for awhile now, and while these are not Clarks, they are suede and (in my opinion) stylish. And everybody has a pair (or 3) of Clarks these days...I guess I missed that wave. Still I'm a huge fan of the desert trek but I guess when the time is right I can go with brown leather and just not get suede). The Sperry name almost kept me from buying them...Sperry's are not my style. But they're certainly not your traditional Nantucket donkey Sperry's. Believe me, those will never find their way on my feet. You wouldn't know by looking at them they're Sperry, and I like this fact.

I actually wore them to work today. I was going to wear them with a white polo but then I got it dirty moving some things around in my basement so I had to change. That really pissed me off I had kept that polo clean for damn near 6 months. So what do I do at lunch today? I dribble some yogurt on my button down that hadn't been washed in 7 months. I kept a level head though and quickly removed said spill with a deft slip of the tongue and a dab of water and we're good to go another 7. But to get back to my attire I looked good, trust me.

Anyways I think the folks at Bean's were lying when they said they retailed for $100. But they were marked down to $50 on the tag and with Mommy's clever discount I picked them up for a cool thirty five junior bacon cheeseburgers. Not a bad pick-up. So get ready because I promise you these things are never going to see socks and come summer they will be HOT. Cheers.


P.S. This Bonnaroo plan is growing legs and you'd better get on or you will be left behind. It's already become a reunion of the sketchy kid and the kid no one likes; still looking for two other brave souls. Getcha popcorn ready...

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  1. it goes without saying but this is sure to be a legendary trip to Bonnaroo