Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Blog

It's 9:30 and the Academy Awards are in full swing. I'm not happy with the fact Milk seems to be getting a big push. Not because it might win Best Picture but because it may mean we may have to hear Sean Penn's guaranteed-shitty acceptance speech for Best Actor. This would also mean my obvious choice (take a guess...) would lose to a hack actor like Sean Penn. I just hate Sean Penn. I've never liked him. He's a douche bag blowhard who uses his status as a shitty actor to spew his left-wing liberal agenda to the masses. He's so far left he's even an outsider in Hollywood. So, Sean, if you win tonight, kiss my ass.

IMDB has been running a pretty cool thing where the update their site every time a new winner is announced. I also got trolling around the site looking for showtimes for some of the filmed nominated tonight and I found out I'm older than Scarlett Johansson by about 5 months. I don't know why this was troublesome to me. I guess it's just another sign I'm all growed up. But seriously it seems like she's been around for awhile. Also this just reinforces I'm coming up on the silver anniversary of my birth date. Yippee. Well, stay tuned for a tirade and good luck to my man, Mickey. You know I'm pulling for you. And Marisa Tomei brought it tonight - she looks GREAT (not that she doesn't usually...) Cheers.


Also, unrelated, I' watched Conan all last week as it was his last time on at 12:30. Some very, very funny stuff. This, however, was without a doubt my favorite clip of the week. I think this was about as cold-blooded as I've ever seen Triumph. Absolutely awesome. Sloat - Star Wars sucks. Get a life. Geek.

But, Sorry, Triumph. RISK is legit. You probably don't like it because you can't see colors. Which means you can't see the colors of the American Flag. Commie.
Full clip is right here, courtesy of Hulu (Me knowing of Hulu is courtesy of (wait for it...) Sloat)


Also, from Marie when Beyonce came out to sing with Hugh Jackman - "Is she someone?" Great stuff.

And cudos to the folks on the telepromter for fucking up Philip Seymour Hoffman. Mr Hoffman looked like he appreciated being called Seymour Philip...

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