Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Man came to collect...

Yes, tax season is upon us. Well for some of you it probably has not even been thought about as the deadline to turn in 1040's is not until April 15, but for me and my ahead-of-the-game attitude I've already received my returns. No big deal. Anyways this was my first year doing this crap myself and I have to say it's pretty easy. I used TurboTax's free online prep for the federal return and I have to say it was easy to use and seemed to do a good job. I just do the short form because my only charitable giving deduction I had was a $2.00 donation to the Bates College general fund. That's a 100% increase in my donation from last year. But at any rate the TurboTax preparations was easy except for the fact I forgot a 1099 and now have to contact the IRS and send them a check for 22 bones because I forgot to declare some interest from a savings account and that raised my tax by the aforementioned $22. And I'm a lot of things but certainly not a tax cheat. Which also mean's I'll have to do the same thing for my Maine return once I hear back from the Fed.

I hate taxes but until we're able to rid the country of wasteful spending I will continue to pay them, like everybody else should. I'm for two things from taxes: building roads and protecting our borders (post WWI isolationism, not the bullshit we're doing now with half a million troops around the world "keeping the peace"). But even with everything else we're paying for now I will let the man have it, grudgingly.

But since I got my returns already I decided to splurge and buy the rather pricey Bose in ear headphones to accessorize my iPod (As recommended by the younger Mr. Fletcher). They're swell. First time I've heard bass in a headphone since I had some baller Sony's that were as big as saucers back in early high school. So, Mr. President, I expect a thank you note by the end of March for my effort to stimulate the economy. And for my on time student loan payments that are well ahead of schedule, too, which head directly to the financial market. I really am a giver.


Total tangent but let me tell you all about the best exercise out there today: The dumbbell crossover hang snatch.

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This only shows a regular dumbbell snatch but you get the idea. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand but start with it on your left side, then finish over your right shoulder like normal. And vice versa.It it a very nice total body exercise and works the stabilizer muscles in the core very well. Start light until you get the form but this in an exercise you should be under control while doing. Try it out and thank me later. I'm back fired up about the exercising. If you notice a difference in me it's because I rode the bike two days this week and lifted once. Grab your torch and pitchfork, it only took me two months to get my ass in gear. Mmhmmm. Cheers.

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  1. i have a feeling if i atempted that violent motion i would, a.) tear my rotator cuff, b.) throw out my back, or c.)drop the weight in the process and look like a fool while everyone stared at me in the weight room

    i've adopted the old man workout, no free weights, only lifestyle machines, bike a few miles, struggle through a mile on the treadmill, eliptical for 20 mins or so, then hit the steam room, cold shower, done. i recommend this to all those readers out there, and by all those readers i mean the the few who read this blog and the even fewer who read these (my) posts