Sunday, February 15, 2009

All Star Recap

I know, I know. The game just started. That's how little I care about the NBA All Star game. Only things of significance from the weekend. Kudos to the fans for getting it right in the Slam Dunk Competition. Of the two finalists Nate Robinson stepped it up and brought it. I don't care how hard Dwight Howard can dunk, he's 6'11". Nate Robinson is shorter than I am and is an absolute freak show. I was nervous people would vote early without seeing the dunks and even though Nate-Dogg won I still believe this occurred. There's no way a vote at the end of the finals would have been 52-48. Should have been at least a 65-35 spread, it wasn't even close. That being said the best dunk of the night came from Rudy Fernandez with the "off the backside of the backboard wraparound" dunk. I don't care it took him twelve tries, it was creative and he threw it down clean and with amplitude. The anti-Spain bias was out in full force (which I guess was well-deserved after their not-so-sensitive display at the Olympics. But for last night the judges needed to look past that and give credit where credit was due). That was a 50 point dunk.

During the broadcast I also heard the TNT announcers spew their first accurate and informative fact of the year. Their words (I use "their" because I cannot recall if Reggie Miller or Kenny Smith said this, but once it was said the other immediately agreed): "Eddie House should be in the 3-point Shootout." How was this not a no-brainer? Guy is a cold-blooded assassin and there's no other hypeman like him in the league. He just gets it done. Don't agree? See visual evidence provided below (Shawn, you know you love this video)...

Not to brag but the feature highlight of this compilation - Fast Eddie saving the ball to James Posey in Game 7 vs Cleveland from last year's Conference Finals - ya, I was at that game. Thank ya, Nathan, for the random 2:30am phone call the night before the game saying you had a ticket going spare. That was something else. And what was (in my opinion) inexplicably missing from this highlight was also from that Game 7 when Lebron was shooting a 3 in front of the Celtics bench and Eddie was behind him swinging a towel over Lebron's head. Needless to say 'bron-'bron missed the 3. Eddie always comes through in the clutch. Cheers.

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