Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why I love Lewiston, and a question for you...

On my way in to the office today I passed a young man walking down the road. It was pretty cold out, so he had one of those masks on that cover your nose and face, not the legit bankrobber hats but just the ones that have neoprene and some fleece and you velcro them in place at the back. Well these don't have the big hole for your mouth, they just have a bunch of little holes so you can breathe but not let a lot of cold air on your face. And through one of these holes the guy had jammed a cigarette. That is L/A in a snapshot. We adapt to the situation at hand and just get it done. And if it means finding a way to get a nicotine fix on a cold February morning you know the real folks from L/A are going to have a plan on lock down (For those of you who think I'm being ironical and I'm actually making fun of this guy go piss up a rope. You don't know me well enough. I love these towns; always have, always will).

Now onto a question which I cannot answer. Data suggests (I can't find the specific study but I KNOW I've read this before) that in a public restroom, stalls nearest the entrance are more clean because they are actually used less. For this reason I always try to pick the one right near the door as long as someone didn't just murder it, or for other obvious reasons which I will not delve into more deeply here. Anyways that being said, here is the set-up:
There is a public bathroom, but this is no ordinary restroom. It is on a corner so it has two entrances/exits. there are three stalls and these stalls are placed in between the doors. Which stall do you use? See, you don't know which entrance is used more frequently so you don't know which should be the more clean end stall. At the same time, men's bathroom etiquette says you don't take a middle pisser or stall in a three unit set-up because then there is the potential for the random "come-up-to-take-a-piss-but-there's-a-guy-at-the-middle-pisser-so-there's-some-hesitation-to-approach-but-I-really-don't-want-to-piss-in-a-stall -so-I go-to-a-urinal-but-it's-just-awkward-for-both-of-us" situation. And the cardinal rule of "you don't double-barrel unless your friend is in the next stall so you can talk about sports and women" applies to central seating on the cans...
So my question to you is the following: In this scenario do you think the middle stall would actually be the most clean? Thank about it...Cheers.

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  1. in a 3-stall setup its a fact that the middle is always the cleanest. This happends to be the exact setup in my office and let me tell you, I have never chosen the middle stall. You don't want to be that guy in the office and just for the record there is a guy in my office that always goes in the middle and everyone does talk shit about him.