Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Phelps and Barkley

[Editor's Note:This is old news, I suppose, but I'm just getting around to writing about it right now. My apologies for my tardiness in addressing such an "important" "internet" saga]

Nobody's perfect. Nobody should be expected to be perfect. Nobody is predestined to be perfect. No one likes everyone, no one can forgive everyone who wrongs them, nothing is true 100% of the time. Call me negative, call me a cynic but the world would not be nearly as interesting a place if this was the case. Biggie said it best: "mo money mo problems." "With great power comes great responsibility," says spiderman's uncle. They are both true, but that doesn't stop the rich and famous from doing anything they damn well please. And that is GREAT. Honestly. Why should these folks change the way they live because some assholes are going to follow them around 24/7 and sell their pictures to US and People and other shitty magazines and sites on the "internet" that cater to sad, unhappy American women so they will have something to talk about.

In high school we had Butch coming around, prowling at parties to break up our shindigs and embarrass us all (but most especially his baby boy). But did that stop us? No, of course not. Why? Because people do what they want to do. Phelps had been training for years and now had a shitload of gold and a pocket full of dough, so why not hit the pipe and flaunt it. He's a tool bag and this is the only way he'll seem cool (And take it from an "actor" who made a blog to get people to talk about him...). So why the hell not go back and do all the fun shit he would have been doing had he not been in a pool for 8 hours a day without money to buy friends. It's just common sense. Parents who lived through the 60's and now shit on this guy as classless should take a long look in the mirror and start doing their own damn job, not looking to celebrities and athletes to guide the way for their helpless and weak-minded children.

Everyone loves Charles because he'll tell it like it is and that he doesn't give a rat's ass what other people think about him, but why does this only apply to Sir Charles? The guy has made terrible decisions, is a degenerate gambler and (probable) alcoholic but the reason he gets shuffled off of TNT is because he gets a DUI looking for a blowjob on a Saturday night. DUI's are bad but the guy blew a 1.2 or something? Which is worse, driving with a 1.2 BAC or BLOWING $2MILLION ON A BAD NIGHT IN VEGAS?! Are you kidding me?

For the record I approve of neither indiscretion, but come on people. Let's just quit holding actors and models and tv personalities and athletes to higher standards and just accept the fact that if you had millions of dollars to would do the same damn things as these people. And at least you would have been smiling when you hit the pipe.

"When it came to this stuff, I could just play," - Will Hunting. That's all these actors and athletes do. Cheers.

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  1. perhaps the best post yet, well said. and a nice shout out to Butch