Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get your umbrella...

This is a brainstorm. Haven't had a chance to get anything meaningful up over the last few days because of the snow and work and just a desire to read rather than write, so while Mr. President is speaking to Congress I'll get some words out.
- This snow sucks, but my biggest annoyance with snow and a huge pet peeve are the idiots who choose to only clear portholes in the front and back windows of their cars and leave 14 inches of snow on their roofs to fly off in big ass chunks when they are traveling down the road. Each time I see this I want to shoot your tires and see you careen off a cliff. If you, the reader, does not clear your roof...fix it.

- So up until a couple of years ago we had an old ass singled roof on the Capone residence and most times when we got a lot of snow Skip and I would go up and shovel it off. I thought this was because mom-dukes was afraid of leaks. But we got some nice, fresh Certainteed 25 year architectural's on this bitch...and my ass is still up on the roof shoveling. As it turns out mom-dukes just likes to see us suffer. So, the roof is where I'll be bright and early tomorrow morning. Yippee...

- Tomorrow I have my first dentist appointment in about 4 years. I hate the dentist. I hate doctors, too. The physical is coming one of these days, I need to find a doctor before I can do that. But I called the dentist down the street and they had an appointment tomorrow so I took it. I don't want time to think about it. When a good friend of mine goes to the dentist she gets prescribed a Xanax because she gets so worked up about it. When I get my cavity filled (I know I have at least one from 4 years ago...and those things don't seem to fill themselves...) I may try to do the same...not because I can't take it but because I think it would be a treat to pop a Xanax. This, of course, is contingent on me getting a physical and actually having a primary care physician before I get that sucker filled, and alo that I can do all this before the end of May when my ass is out of work and uninsured. One of these days I'll get around to all this...

- While the President is blowing smoke about creating jobs he should give me one. Just...give it to me. $10k a year. That would just be a kind gesture of him.
- Buh bye to a place where I grew up: Taylor Brook Video. Old man Levasseur finally closed his doors this past Sunday. Marie got Margot at the Wedding and Vicky Christina Barcelona (and 4 other dung piles which will remain nameless) so, again, I'd rather watch those Wednesday or Thursday that stare at this computer screen (Some would say it's a problem I'll pay close attention to a movie but ask why I'm not paying close attention to the President tonight. I say nothing he says tonight is actually going to do anything. So there)

- Pop Shoppe Diner. If you've never been, go. Since Bagel's & Things closed its doors this place makes the best omlette in town. Daily specials, reasonable prices and bottomless cups of coffee. On Main St in L-town right near Frye St. They're not open Mondays but deal with it.
No promises of new blogs in the near future, until about Friday when I'm really going to pound some stuff out. Hampton Inn hotel rooms give me the space I need to write and relax. But I'm going to start revamping my resume right now so I may actually be able to send it on out sometime in the near future. I don't really know what, exactly, it is that I've done for the past two years so it may take me a little while to sort that out. I'll still try to find a good video or two to throw up but I can't guarantee anything of substance until this task is completed.

This would be a good time for me to ask a request from you (all three or four of you...) readers who I don't speak to often (Basically anyone else but Nick). Let me know how the hell you are doing... I'm all ears. Y'all know all the stupid crap I waste my time with on a daily basis, what is it that charges your batteries?! What grinds your gears? You know my name. Look up the number (no, actually email most all of you know I never answer my phone...)!

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