Saturday, February 28, 2009

First ever...

blog from a toilet for me. Hotel wi-fi is convenient. Be proud, mother and father.

When I'm home I don't really watch TV other than whatever my parents have on. But when I'm in the Hampton Inn I'll watch HBO for 17 hours straight (except in the case of last night when Real Sports and a shitty Will Smith movie were on...). FInally saw an episode of Eastbound and Down; I didn't find it to be as humorous as I' had hoped. I think I've just grown tired of Will Ferrel's shtick and that show just reeks of his over-the-top overacting. I don't know what it is but I just don't find him all that amusing anymore...I'm sure I'm in the minority and I'm really not worried about it. The washed up pitcher did have a bitching mullet though, they should have just called him Rod Beck. Which isn't really that funny because Beck had a few legit years and played for the love of the game and these dickheads mock a guy who looks just like the Beck-ster. So, f-you HBO.

Fool's Gold was on this morning, too. I mocked Marie when she bought it for a couple days ago, but it was mildly amusing in an AWFULLY bad way. Kate Hudson and some other up-and-coming actress were in bikini's throughout so it wasn't painful to watch. But, if you have to pay to see then I would not recommend it.

Good luck to the Eddies tonight in the State b-ball game. Wish I could be there. Nick'll be back in town, he's a baller and flew back for the game. Call him Starbury (now that Starbury has to be back flying commercial). But anyways I'm sure we'll be out and about tonight for those who are back in town. I coached 4 of the guys on the bball roster in fooseball, educating them in the art of hard work, modesty and doing the little things right. From the game I saw in Augusta none of those four crash the offensive glass so clearly none of what I said carried over. If they beat TA I'll still give myself 4% of the credit for the gold ball. That's enough for me. Anyways, see you out there. Cheers.

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