Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, what a year..

Yep, believe it or not, this is the one year anniversary of the 'Pad.  Time seems to have flown I don't feel like I've accomplished all that much in the past 12 months.  Yes, I've changed jobs (and will soon be changing again, whether I'd really like to or not.  The resume is coming together, I swear..), seen much of the northeastern United States via automobile (and a couple states just south of the Mason-Dixon line..), sat at home quite a bit, slept close to 1/3 of the year (somewhere around there, I'm sure.  Law of averages..), drank plenty of beers at Gipper's (believe it or not, but I was there this evening.  Until close.  Shocking, I know..), among other things.............

But for the most part October 30, 2008 to October 30, 2009 was a pretty good year.  Surely, it ranked somewhere in my top twenty five (This got me to snicker but I know most of my audience is more mature than I am.  But humor me..).  I had fun writing.  I hope you had fun reading.  As long as I continue to entertain myself I will continue to get things upon here.  I'm somewhere just north of 200 posts, as this sucker goes up so I guess my goal (until I give this up is..) to keep on the average of 3-4 a week.  Unless I get back to having a job with my own office.  When I had an office this provided for a good time (The number of posts tell the story..).  These days I don't have the energy to post as much as I did back in the late winter/early spring.  I like to sleep too much.  And I'm back on a reading kick.  I've got four books started.  Ishmael which I've got about 100 pages left, and Fahrenheit 451, The Catcher in the Rye, and Getting Stoned with Savages (Thanks, Brion and Maureen.  Liam let me borrow it, in case he didn't tell you and Brion happens to read this..) which all are just in the beginning stages.  One of these days I'll settle on one at a time and start to plow through them but I just haven't gotten on that track.

At any rate, I know I've got about fifteen dedicated readers, so keep up the good work.  Check the months on the sidebar or use the search to see any old favorites.  But because I have some time on my hands here are some of my best work (both in my opinion and from what I've heard..):

Where it all began (That's really all it was.  Humble beginnings, indeed..)

V-Day (From what I've heard this is the best thing I've written on here.  With throwback stories I try to measure everything I write by this.  If it's about as half as good as this then I go ahead.  If not I just keep it to myself.  One of these days I'm sure I'll top it but I have no idea when.  This was impressive, even for my awkwardness..) 2nd: (February was a good month...My life, L-Town, Boobies..guess that was about it...or was it?!)

Jimmy and Josh go to the goose..

ARAB MONEY! No, actually I don't have a video,because it's here and my favorite video OF ALL TIME!!

And this was from February, too, but it fits for the current month.  I'm AWESOME (the stool can be slow sometimes..).

If I missed anything, feel free to share (I'm not sober...maybe try April, May, June, July, August, Sepember, etc..).  Thanks again for coming out.  I'll try to keep up the good (read: decent) work.  And if I'm stuggling on verbage then I'm sorry.  The spirits got me.  I HATE grammatical errors on most days, and thank me later for the full post.(...I've got to get readership up somehow...)..  Cheers.

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  1. believe it or not the Jimmy and Josh story was shared last night. Davis visited the city and proceeded to share the story while i was in the bathroom. the crowds reaction to me when i got back was needless to say a little different than before i had left for the bathroom.

    great stuff