Friday, October 16, 2009

The Ides of October...

And what do I have for you?  Nothing.  It was Thursday, so I was at Gipper's taking in the NLCS.  Manny being Manny BABAY.  That's where my allegiance lies.  I want to see the LA Dodgers win it all, because I think Manny deserves another ring.  Guy was the best hitter in baseball, and he chose to juice...for the fans, OBVIOUSLY.  Can't question that kind of commitment.  To the Sox fans out there:  sorry, I'm a Manny guy.  Always have been (since his Cleveland days; he could always flat out rake and that's impressive), always will be.  Ya, he tanked an at-bat in a Sox uniform in a contract year.  But I look past that one for the 2000 good ones he had with that B on his head.  And I don't care what people say, the guy could play the wall.  Granted he got tested a lot, but for being a "mediocre" below average fielder he was always up there in outfield assists.  Just like with his at-bats...he baits you to sleep and the he capitalizes.  He's playing chess while you're all playing checkers.  And to you Yankee fans:  Piss up a flagpole you guys suck balls.  Everyone else...don't worry about it.  Ya, I know the D's probably lost tonight.  I don't care.  Not when Manny's being Manny.

In other news  need to work Friday and the world-traveling JMac of Portland is coming up north to visit (Jenny be jealous you were one week early..) out, town.  Both of those, and the Ides of October have already passed...I guess I have nothing to beware of any more and hence no reason to post anything when all my good thoughts can wait for the weekend.  Cheers.

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