Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I listen to country music..

And most of it, I enjoy.  But Darryl Worley's new song has been getting heavy airplay and it just bugs the shit out of me.  Ya, ya, it's catchy and it has that down home vibe which consists of everyone having problem and that's just the way it is.  But the song opens as follows:
Got a call last night from an old friend’s wife / Said I hate to bother you
Johnny Ray fell off the wagon /He’s been gone all afternoon
And so the unnamed protagonist heads to the bar Johnny Ray is at, Johnny Ray says he has various things going on which are stressing him out, and the unnamed protagonist says "it sounds like life to me."  Riveting storytelling, as are most country music tunes. 

But the shallow story is not the issue.  I take issue with the close of the second stanza (or whatever you'd like to call it...I'm no music major..)  Johnny Ray continues with his problems and then says he just found out that his wife, Sarah, is two months late.  So our unnamed protagonist responds:
...Hey bartender set us up a round / We need to celebrate
Are you kidding me?  Johnny Ray's a recovering alcoholic who just fell off the wagon and you're going to buy him a drink?  What kind of a friend are you, unnamed protagonist?  A shitty one, that's what kind.  Donkey. 


I was going to continue on, but I'm le tired.  If it rains hopefully I'll get my act in gear and get some exercise in (Ya, I said it.  I've been working hard to plump up for my winter hibernation but I guess I've grown tired of that line of thought.  Stationary bike, here I come.  What, you thought I was going to jog?  Get real.  I need to get back doing something before I engage in that stupid activity..).  I may or may not have some randomly collected youtubes that I'd like to get up tomorrow, too.  Could be great, but don't get your hopes up because chances are I won't come through.  I'd say even odds.  Laziness is a tough mindset to shake..

Cheers (But it'll have to be a cranberry juice cheers tonight so I can help show Johnny Ray alcohol doesn't need to be present to have a good time or to solve your problems.  If you don't like cranberry juice, perhaps milk?  Milk.  That reminds me...Drink it up.  Yeah, that's the good stuff.. heh, heh..).

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