Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nick's Quick...

Not sure how he came up with it, but young Nicholas posted the correct question early Tuesday evening.  Good for win a pat on the back the next time we run into one another.  Well done.  Watched way too much television this evening.  The Factor was unimpressive.  This troubled me because I had not watched the factor over the past few moons.  I wanted pointed commentary on the health care debate and I got interviews on nothing of importance.  For shame, Bill.  And I think I'm hooked on Sons of Anarchy.  I've gotten pretty locked in on the F/X network, in general.  Goodness every night-ish.  Though I'm a little concerned about Wednesday's problematic situation at a little kid and watch South Park or be a girl and watch Nip/Tuck.  Decisions, decisions.  Both have their pluses and minuses.  Guess it'll either be a game time decision or whatever Marie decided to flip on.  I don't believe she's watched Nip/Tuck so I'd say there's a 75% chance Cartman and the boys will be on.  No worries.

O, but check this out if you like Jeopardy!'ll be impressed and saddened at the same time.  Impressed because of the time and accuracy someone had to put in, and saddened because of the...time...and accuracy...someone had to...put in..


Bought my first album (well, it was an EP to be honest but don't worry about it..) in the iTunes store on the "internet."  ITunes freaks me out and scares me, I don't trust it.  But I did find Warren Haynes covering my favorite Elton John song and I couldn't find this at an area Bull Moose location, for whatever that's worth.  Actually it's worth 7 minutes of listening pleasure because Youtube has fine taste, too.

Cheers (and goodnight, and good luck..).


  1. that website is phenomenal.... that sound you just heard was my office door closing and me playing jeopardy all day long vs. ken jennings

  2. your office has a door? jealous.