Monday, October 26, 2009


Was going to get some words out on this crisp fall evening, but I'd rather go to bed.  Fantasy football wheeling and dealing took priority this evening post dinner.  Be afraid, my friends, as Hacksaw JD's U.S.A. Brigade is storming back into contention after a three week hiatus from attention-paying by its owner/GM.  I'm back to massaging egos and demanding excellence all around and the boys have bought back into the system.  It's on like donkey kong..

I've got some good words in my dome, too.  Made an excellent venison stew, compared and contrasted the 86 Celtics and 96 Bulls, did some job conversating/networking with multiple folks, hated on the Maineiacs HARD, went to Boston, and probably did some other things of note which I am unable to remember at this particular moment, too.  Perhaps one or all of these subjects will arise again at another date and time.  I'm preparing to sleep well, and I hope you did/do, as well.  Cheers.

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  1. "hated on the Maineiacs HARD" congrats! understatement-of-the-year award goes to you.