Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pretty happy about this..

Earlier today when I posted the Mule clip all I had really wanted to put up was the album version of "Banks of the Deep End" but youtube did not cooperate.  From there I performed a little google search to see how to embed .mp3's to Blogger but that cam up relatively unsuccessfully because all I could really find was using Windows Movie Maker to add a picture with a song and upload it as a movie.  I did not have Windows Movie maker so, in the spirit of Kevin McCallister, I gave it a whirl and downloaded it because it was free and I figured it would be super simple to pop up a picture of Warren Haynes from Bonnaroo and bing bang boom I could sub out the video up now with a new simple clip.  But when I popped open my 'Roo folder I saw all the good pictures I had taken and Nick had taken and KathV had taken I thought, "Well, shit.  I might as use some of the good ones of us."

Outside of seeing Grace Potter on some serious PED's the 1a highlight of my trip was hearing this song live.  I don't know why, I'm just into the song.  So, I present to you ten days of debauchery set to probably my favorite song.  Hold on to a piece of dry land..


This made me smile.  Miss you, friends.  I'd like to say I'm sorry for not including other good friends and family who didn't make the trip, but, if you weren't there you can't really understand, man..  

Happy Christmas to all you "Christians" out there and sorry to my Jew friends I didn't give you folks a shout out for your eight crazy nights of Hanukkah. I'll do better next year.


I'm just seeing today that my counter has malfunctioned.  I'm not stressing it but I'll look into some soluations before the new year  Today I exited the information superhighway on MyYellowNotepad and found my hits under 40.  Just now it was under 8000.  Not to be self conscious, but I know earlier in December I was well (WELL!!!!!!!!!!) over 16,000 hits.  No big deal..

I know about six of you out there tune in on the regular.  You're [each] the best...Cheers.

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