Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maine-ly Swell..

I was really, truly, going to write something of substance today.  I clicked on Blogger in the AM but then I took a nap.  Then I ran some errands, ate some pasta and watched Seinfeld with my mom, played with a 2 year old, went to Gritty's Brew Pub then across the street to the former Midnight Blues Club& Muddy Waters Cafe; the new name escapes me now but the new name is beside the point of this short narrative..

Anywho there was a sick cover band playing of high school-ish looking fellows.  It was impressive because it was Phil Collins-esque: the lead singer banged away on drums all night.  They were solid, very good actually.  But an older gentleman with one leg playing between sets laid down a kick ass cover of a more obscure song from an album I picked up a couple years back by a Maine-dog who has been playing out of Texas for awhile now.  First heard hime on WCLZ.

But, man, the song is a favorite of mine.  Well played, old timer..
This caused me to get home after close and listen to the album before bed, and while that was on I noticed Slightly Stoopid immediately followed "Slaid Cleaves" in my iTunes library.  I saw Slightly Stoopid a little bit ago.  They were swell.  I talked about them today when I talked to J.Mac on my cellular telephone for the first time since he left the Vally Isle.
I didn't think I had any Ess Tee Double Oh Pee Eye Dee in my library but when I saw I had downloaded this track from WLCZ's website I decided to check out their homepage where I saw a Lucinda Williams song was on air.  Good tune it is, too, off of a good album..
So after Slaid Cleaves' cd ended and I got a little Stoopid Car Wheels on A Gravel Road was played.  It's been quite a night, and a hell of a day, lemme tell ya...Cheers.

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