Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th; (Hopefully) A sign of things to come..


Clearly my focus over the last month or so has not been on this little piece of the "internet."  I'd like to say I'm sorry, but Jenn always said don't say sorry unless you mean it and so I'm not really sorry.  I'm lazy.

I should have time to post here, just for whatever reason over the last couple weeks I haven't felt like writing.  I've done some pretty fun stuff; I just haven't put fingers to keys to describe what I've been doing in my usual semi-eloquent, mostly silly fashion.  I've started posts multiple times only to find them left unsaved or saved but never returned to.

I hope today can be me getting back on track.  It's the 4th of July, possibly my favorite holiday because it means lots of food on the grill, beer in the fridge and friends on the deck.  Well, that's what it has meant over the last couple few years.  This year I'll be working tonight so the grilling will have to be squeezed in to the early afternoon hours.  SHUCKS.  But for those of you back home reading who have spent some time on the deck in years past know this:  The countdown is on.  In just about 10 days time I'll be home for a couple of weeks.  I'm quite excited about this.  Holidays will be observed during this time, as I missed Memorial Day and now the 4th.

Now that I'm writing I actually have more to say now but I want to get four miles in on the 4th, well, because I've never done it before and I haven't run in a couple of weeks so this seems like a good day to get back on track in more ways than one.  So Happy 4th to all, Love and miss most of you and have a great afternoon.

Now, a country favorite that fits the holiday:

Can't wait to drive the Blue Bird.  Cheers.

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