Thursday, June 17, 2010

Writer's Block..

I'm sure it's been more than a week since I've posted anything here, since it always seems like about a week goes by and then I think, "O snap.  I should have something to say by now."  And I usually do.  Something's happened that's kind of silly and I can pull that out of my hat and entertain myself while I re-create my encounter or thought in font and then hopefully entertain the couple of you who read whenever you get around to logging onto the "internet" and typing in the 'pad's url.  But today I don't really have much to say.  Maybe just a bullet point or two..
- I've been listening to my iPod on shuffle lately.  I have 969 songs on there right now and I think just about all of them are acceptable tunes to go out to if I encounter an automobile while on my two wheeler.  I find it comforting that if I go down and someone comes onto the scene and checks my iPod they won't be able to say "He was listening to THAT?!  He probably deserved his fate.."  I'm fairly confident my taste in music would please most any audience.   This being said, I prefer to not get runned over any time soon..
- I rode up to McDonald's just now to try to find some inspiration to type, and all I found was an ability to get my computer on the "internet."  This is only the second time it's happened but both times have gotten me pretty steamed.  I don't particularly enjoy dining at McDonald's.  I come for the "internet."  A cheap meal is a nice perk onto that.  But I don't come for the meal.  So when the "internet" doesn't exist when I get settled here I leave feeling a little flat.  
Today was a little different than the first time because I had a nice talk with a guy named Marty from Chino, CA.  He's a fine fellow, fine enough that I let my McChicken get cold while we discussed Maui development, California politics and various other topics.  Today talking to a person was better than talking to a computer screen.  So, a kind thank you goes out to Marty.  Cheers.

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