Monday, June 7, 2010

It was all good just a week ago..

Last week for Memorial Day I grabbed dinner at Hula with some promo that I had.  Nothing like a delicious dinner when only a tip is needed.  Yum, yum.  I had been meaning to do this for a long time so it made my day when I remembered my camera as I was heading out the door for work, and I remembered after work that I had it, too.  It was a big day.  I woke up from a beach nap as the sun was setting so I snapped some shots to get into the mood..

I messed around with the "Sunset" setting but it kind of sucked in my opinion.  The 16x9 wide angle is a nice touch, though.

I just need to break down and spend some dinero on an SLR.  Ya...maybe tomorrow...or not.

Post-sunset, tasty treats were everywhere..

They were so tasty, in fact, I forgot to take pictures before going to town on the plates..
These are my favorite dish on the menu.  Poke Tacos.  There were three...but two disappeared before I was reminded of my intentions to document the meal.  It's raw yellowfin, ahi, tuna with sautéed onions with a wasabi drizzle and stood up with fresh avocado.  They're out of sight.  Every time I have dinner I get an order.  If you looked up "tasty treat" in my dictionary you'd find a picture of these.  And a picture with all three of them.  Because that would probably look a little more professional..

This was a crispy beet and asian pear salad, with a side of feta..

My main course was a fire-grilled Ahi tuna steak.  Normally it comes whole and not cut, but I prefer to get it "pu pu" style as I'm lazy and prefer to have other people cut up my food for me when I can.  Cooked rare, of course.  Served with a side of tangy, mashed potatoes and some kind of slaw that I have no idea what's in it but it sure tastes good..

O, another good treat: Jalapeño cornbread with a dollop of spiced-up butter.  Unreal..

Mixed and matched:

And for desert: the Hula Grill homemade ice cream sandwich.  Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between macadamia nut brownies and drizzled with raspberry sauce and fresh, whipped cream on the side.  And if you know people you get sides of chocolate, caramel, and raspberry to kick it up another notch.

This took place about two hours after I ate my employee meal.  Let's just say my two-wheeled ride home wasn't much fun, but it was acceptable after a swell dining experience.  Man, do I like to eat...Cheers.

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