Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busted up from the sauce..

I didn't have a whole lot to do yesterday so after spending the morning sleeping in and the afternoon at the beach I figured I might as well have a few cocktails as I didn't really have much else to do.  So in the middle of watching Toy Story and The Incredibles on one of the kiddie channels...might have been ABC Family...I took a quick two-wheeled trip to the grocer and picked up a bottle of Jimmy Beam and some cola.  I toyed with going with some ginger ale but they didn't have any ginger ale in cans so I settled on the cola.  Now I'm second guessing my choice because some ginger ale could probably help settle my belly ache right now.  O well...hindsight is always 20/20.

This is actually kind of silly but while I was at the beach I was thinking quite a bit about useless nonsense and Disney World came up inside my noggin.  O, actually I first started wondering whether the little kids who take vacations to out here really appreciate how good they have it.  But before I could finish that thought I started thinking about how even though I didn't grow up filthy rich we were barely broke (any chance I have to throw out that Peter Gunz thought I'm going to jump on it..) and me and the fam were able to go to Disney World twice (TWICE!!) when I was a youngster, and that that was pretty damn cool.

But before I really thought more about it I went back into little kid mode and started wondering what little kids think of the Magic Kingdom these, there are a bunch of new movies that have come out recently and I have no idea how they're being incorporated into the setup down there.  Do little kids still get jacked up when they see Cinderella's castle and Snow White and Pluto, or do the new youngsters not have any idea about the original Disney storylines?  I know Disney keeps re-releasing their old animated stuff on DVD and every new technology that comes out, but do little kids STILL enjoy them?  They should, right?  I mean, those movies were already pretty old when I was little and I still liked them a lot and still enjoy watching them every chance I get, but for whatever reason yesterday I got a little flat thinking that maybe the new kids on the block only care about the Ice Age characters and the Incredibles; the Pixar-style movies and that they've forgotten or don'r care for the old-style animation and fairy tale storylines.  I hope that's not the case so if any of you out there work with or, gasp, HAVE little kids then let me know if kids still think Lady and the Tramp is the bees knees.

And what about things like the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse?  Does some of that stuff just become relics that are more for parents than for the kids?  It's just weird how out of touch I feel about this sort of thing.  I WANT ANSWERS.  I feel like even though a movie like that was still pretty old when I was little me and all my friends had still seen it and enjoyed it.  But, shoots, that was damn near 20 years ago.

Long story short I think I need to make it to the greater Orlando area in the next year or two to see where things are at.  This thought has perked my interest.  Do people even still think Disney World is cool?  I know I still do...and imagine it now on PED's?!  UNREAL.  Like Maine: Worth a visit, worth a lifetime.


O, this didn't come to me yesterday but happened when I typed Cinderella: I'm sure it's already been made but Sinderella would be a pretty solid porn title.  You could go a lot of directions there, what with the evil stepsisters, fairy godmother, the prince...furry animals.  Things could get out of hand pretty quickly.  Porn industry: Take notes.

I'll leave you on that.  Cheers.


  1. Sinderella? Welcome to 1992.

  2. You went in a different direction from your mixer with the beam to disney movies. I like the point though.

  3. ya. i should have used imdb. shit, i always forget they archive porno movies, too. The next time I talk porn i'll be on my game.

  4. I don't want to live in a world where kids don't appreciate Beauty and the Beast (my all time fave), Robin Hood (remember when we watched that just a few years ago on Christmas break?) and other classics.