Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet T[N].

To begin:

Never toast bread for a sangwich, then not immediately eat the sangwich.  It just tastes like you're eating stale, day old bread.  I don't like stale, day old bread.  If you like stale, day old bread I may have just handed you the secret to a happy life.  Thank me later.

I set out with some delicious chicken salad to make a tasty dinner and it certainly was prepared by yours truly with love, the real key to making delicious meals.  And, c'mon, toasted bread, ESPECIALLY marble rye toasted, is a perfect vessel for chicken salad consumption.  Unfortunately, post-sangwich-making I got distracted and my chicken salad sangwich sat on its plate for quite some time and, upon my return, the bread was no longer warm and crispy but room temperature, rather dry, and somewhat chewy.  To sum: my dinner was average at best this evening.  Ho hum.

ANYWAYS I've been on quite a vacation these past three or so weeks.  Today, as I sit in my home office I feel a weary, east coast traveler.  I can say east coast because this past week I made it within a stone's throw of Atlanta and thus well below the line that bears Mason Dixon's name.  In fact, I was behind the wheel when we passed into Maryland and I saw the "Mason Dixon Line" sign on whatever interstate we were on at  the time and I felt pretty special.  I don't remember ever seeing one of those signs before.  Unfortunately it caught me by surprise and I was the only one awake at the time so no picture was able to be taken.

Let's call this foreshadowing.  I need to get to sleep.  I'm attempting to force myself back into a normal sleep schedule.  I didn't realize it was 5am until Papa Skip called when he got up to make sure I'd be home with his car so he could go to work.  Nothing says shenanigans like getting home after 5am on a Wednesday morning and saying, "Hi, parents." while they're readying for work.  Good thing I'm on vacation for the rest of the week...Cheers (And more, much more to come.  This I promise you, written in pen.  Not pencil..).

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