Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i..

In the fall my phone decided to break and instead of paying the $50 to file a phone insurance claim I instead purchased a Razr for about $20 off of the eBay.  I have to say I've been pretty happy with my decision but now the charger that came with it doesn't work very well so sometimes I wake up in the morning and my phone is not fully charged.  I managed to find a USB cord in my office that has an anatomically correct male  end to charge said Razr (it's original purpose was to connect a cheap ass digital camcorder to a computer) so I now have to charge my phone through a computer.  I don't plan to change this any time soon by buying a new wall charger...I don't think it's worth the ten dollars.
In the fall I happened upon an iPod shuffle that came in handy on my riding commutes on the bicycle and on the subway.  YEAH DUBSTEP LATE AT NIGHT WHILE I WEAVE THROUGH TRAFFIC.  Everyone wears headsets now.  Those god damned iPhones have taken over the world, so now not only do people wear iHeadsets everywhere they also talk to themselves.  It's like the bluetooth headsets 2.0 going on right now.  You may have an iPhone.  You may think it's awesome.  I don't think it's awesome.  It consumes your life.   
Want to know how I find my way around a new place?  Guess and check.  You remember guess and check?  It got me a fine score on the math section of the SAT's awhile back.  It still works today, in many different walks of life.  Apple's a pretty self-centered company.  I hated on them awhile back because it seems to me and many others that that Jobs feller (RIP) may or may not design products in such a way that they crap out after a just a year, maybe two tops.  And these products are put together in such a way that it's very hard to replace batteries.  Basically they hook you on the drug they call "i": iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac...whatever.  They get people fiending good and hard on them and then their product murders itself and the poor shlubs are left needing a new one ASAP.  And these people buy them because they are sheep.  SHEEP.  And these people walk around all self-centered-like, as anyone that is carrying around a product that begins with "i" should.   
Reading this on one of those newfangled iMachines?  YOU are the center of the universe with that iMachine, sir or madam.  You can see the world through that screen. THE WHOLE WORLD ON THREE TO TEN DIAGONAL INCHES.  You really can.  ALLLLLLLL of life is within that screen.  Maybe you should take a time out from Siri, iFriends.  Look up.  The real world looks better, if you ask me.  End PSA.
Anyways I lost "my" iPod in a bar about two months ago.  I think it fell out of my jacket pocket when I was holding on loosely to an 80's cover band on a Thursday night.  Now I ride to work to the sounds of Somerville.  Interesting soundtrack, it is.


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