Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today I wanted to do some laundry after work.  So once I finished my shift I changed and left my clothes in my locker as I usually do before I went upstairs to eat my free meal.  Today I chose a delightful cheeseburger and I threw some mango barbecue sauce on it.  HOOOOOO WEEEEEEE.  But in the hoopla of all of that delicious dinner I forgot my clothes in my locker downstairs and just pedaled home.  Sonofabitch.  The kicker was I NEEDED to do laundry today: my shit stank.  It was already a couple of days overdue so I really wasn't comfortable stretching any longer.  I only like to do laundry on day shift days or days I have off, because I don't like to do laundry late in the evening when I generally just want to go to sleep and I always feel like a dick that the washing machine and/or dryer may be keeping someone awake, and I also don't want to put the pressure on and have to get up in the morning to wash my gear before work.  So where I got home around seven I just hopped back on my two wheeler and cruised back down to Hula in back.  A little extra exercise has never hurt anyone but at the same time that shit took damn near 45 minutes.  Walk outside.  Unlock bike.  Get music situated.  Ride.  Get to Hula.  Lock up bike.  Walk to get stank ass clothes.  Get stank ass clothes.  Walk to bike.  Unlock bike.  Pedal home.  Lock bike back up.  Jeeze.  It's a tough life I lead.


It's been a full moon out here which I think means it's a full moon damn near everywhere but I enjoy riding quite a bit once the moon has come up high.  Saturday and Sunday nights I worked late so I was rolling home around eleven and the moon was super high and super bright and I could see the neighboring island of Molokai quite clearly.  It was pretty impressive with the waves rolling in and whatnot.  Was a pretty good treat.  Then tonight when I rolled home the first time around seven it was dark as shit, but when I was rolling the second time, from a little after eight until about 9, it was getting brighter and brighter as the moon got higher and higher.  So while the need for a second ride irritated me, the view was much better the second time around.  So, lucky me?


NASCAR's Sprint Cup season came to a close this past Sunday with Jimmie Johnson winning his fifth consecutive title.  Sam Thomas is a big #48 fan.  Well, claims to be.  I bet his sorry ass didn't watch more than one race all year long.  And the guy is from Virginia.  Note to SThomas: You're a jerk.  SMOKE in '11 BABAYYYYYYYYY.

But on the NASCAR front here's a video of Daytona being repaved.  It's more or less like paving a regular road except the whole track is banked so the equipment has to be hung on the correct angles by cranes and other serious machinery.  It's pretty damn technical for some shit ass, redneck sport.
Excuse me while I crack open a tall, cool Budweiser to honor of this display of hillbilly ingenuity.  Cheers (This surface lasted fifty years and then they  tore up and repaved it in nineteen weeks.  Private project vs public project, much?  Fuck you, government.  Take a god damn note and stop wasting my tax dollars with slow ass crews.  All the government should be doing is paving roads and protecting our borders, anyway.  GET YOUR GUNS READY, FOLKS.  THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!  K, I got carried away [Takes deep breath.  "Three two one.  One two three.  What the heck is bothering me?"  Ah, good.  Let's proceed]...but I still thought the timeline compared to the scale of the project was impressive..).

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