Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kindergarten throwback..

I was logged into facebook a couple of days ago and I happened to see someone had their profile picture as David the Gnome riding on the back of his friend Fox (or whatever that particular fox was named on the show; I don't recall it..) and I was brought back to five year old me, still picking my nose and peeing my pants every now and again (I guess old habits die hard..) but ALWAYS watching David the Gnome on Nickelodeon.  This was classic children's television at it's finest.  And Tom Bosely as David?  What the shit?  That let's you know it was ahead of it's time.

Sad to say, as I was watching this video right before posting I still remembered half the words.  I don't think I've seen the show in well over fifteen years and the last time I heard the theme was probably early on in high school when I was trying to appear clever by downloading the song in Sloat's basement.

After today, however, we'll all be able to remember the last time we watched an episode:

I googled "the gnome" as that's the title of the book the show is based on as I finished up Watership Down a couple of weeks ago and I thought another tale of little woodland creatures may prove interesting.  No book came up immediately so I clicked on David the Gnome's wiki page and learned that this is actually a spanish show dubbed into english.  I think that makes it even better though I'm not sure why.

Good to see the Spaniards were pioneers in the children's television industry in the 80's.  Muy Bueno!  Cheers "(On an unrelated related note for the longest time I thought kindergarten was spelled kindergarden.  I mean a long time.  Well into high school, at least.  What, you grow kids into elementary school, right?  I guess I'm not as smart as I think I am sometimes..).

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  1. Matt,
    If you just finished up Watership Down, you should start reading all the old Brian Jacques books again, Redwall, Martin the Warrior, etc. Those will certainly bring you back. And the fact that David the Gnome has a wiki page is awesome.