Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I guess there are some things you just don't skimp on..

I eat peanut butter sangwiches a lot (We've been over this before.  Open faced, one side peanut butter, one side jelly or jam or fluff.  Then folded together.  I call it a bullet.  It tastes just like it smells: DELICIOUS..).  I never skimp on peanut butter.  It's always a name brand, generally with Jif being my favorite.  I wait until it goes on sale and then I scoop a couple and go from there.  It's especially nice when it's two for three dollars, but I'll take two for $4 in a pinch when I need that shit, maaaaaaan.  Today Smucker's strawberry jam was on sale - the first time I've seen a big jar of Smucker's on sale since I've been out here.  So I picked up one and finally got around to making a sangwich bullet just right now.

I may never go back.  This stuff is incredible.  It's so much goddam better than the generic strawberry preserves crap I've been buying since I got out here.  The sale ends tomorrow so I'm headed back in the AM to get another two or three big jars.  I mean, my mind is blown right now.  It is SO. DAMN. GOOD.  I can't believe I had been selling my peanut butter sangwiches short for this long.  Yes, a lot of it had to do with price but now I'm nervous I may never go back.  Today I was shooting the shit with one of our bartenders before I started to work and he had just recently gotten back from Japan and he was talking about the Kobe beef they serve and how it's kind of ruined steak for him since he's been back.  Hula has a steak special once a week that's a 24oz. dry aged rib eye, a cowboy steak, if you will.  I've had it and he asked my opinion as I've had it before a little while back and he was going to try it for the first time tonight and I told him it was pretty good.  That immediately ruined it for him.  I haven't heard his verdict but he was going into things a bit sourly.  He wanted me to say GREAT.  But it wasn't great; it was pretty good.  It's listed at $40 or something like that so for a $40 steak I thought it was pretty good.  For the $20 I paid for it I suppose it was a delicious and tasty steak.  Close to great.  But I'm sure it's no Kobe.  I'd like to say it wasn't up to Mac's snuff, either, but that could just be me being a homer.  When I was home my folks and I got some take out and we got some kind of "bullet" or "bb's" appetizer that was tip steak wrapped in bacon.  Let me tell you: they were tremendous.  Bacon makes everything about 1000000% better.  I bet if you took some doggie poo poo and wrapped it in bacon it would at least be palatable.  Sloat: try this out and let me know your thoughts.

ANYWAYS now that I've refreshed the Smucker's taste buds I'm not sure if my peanut butter sangwiches will ever match up to today's without Smucker's on the right side, playing STRONG SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the peanut butter's LEFT SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe I'm just overcooking my own grits here.  Shit, who am I kidding, I'll still buy whatever's cheapest when all my jars of Smucker's are gone.

When I was smaller and younger we'd pick fruits and then make our own strawberry, blueberry and raspberry jams or jellies or whatever.  I know there's a distinction between jams, jellies, and preserves but I don't recall now what the hell the differences are.  I think it has to do with texture and straining or something or that nature.  Marmalade, too.  But we never made marmalade so that's a whole separate can of words.  But I'd always try to add extra sugar to the recipes.  I think all kids do that.  When I'd make Kool-Aid I'd sugar the shit out of it.  It was like Fun Dip at the bottom of your glass.  Ah, memories.  Cheers "(and time for another delicious peanut butter and jam sangwich before bed!!!!!).

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