Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dog days of summer are here..

Finally, summer feels like summer in the State of Maine! About f-ing time. Now I can bitch incessantly about how it's entirely too hot to roof instead of bitching about how it's not sunny enough and I'm losing my tan. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday found me working damn near 28 hours (finishing on Wednesday at 1:15pm, I'll have you know. Ew.), and about six of those hours with a shirt on. For those of you who saw me last weekend: If you thought I was dark then, you should see me now. Granted, a good tan is about the only perk of laying shingles. Other than that it involves way to much lifting and carrying of 65-75+lb items up and down and all around. So, while I do look stunning I'd much rather have gotten this color by hanging out on a beach sipping spirits. O well, so it goes.

Speaking of work...I was off today and I'm off tomorrow because my super cool boss wanted to check out a FOUR DAY ROCK FESTIVAL. Christian rock festival. Hey, to each their own, right? At least I had some time to do a little much needed work around the house. This way I can pretend my three hours of labor today translates into a three extra months rent. It is nice to have some days off and do relatively nothing, even when I'm unable to sleep past 7:30am.

But on roofing, Think about this. We're working on a roof that one side is 90 feet long by 45 feet high. We cover it going up 5 inches at a time and over 36 inches. Do the math. Is that disgusting, or what?


Today while shopping for the first time in a couple of weeks (and probably the third time since the middle of June) I realized that I've forgotten all of my good habits of being an environmentally conscious shopper. Really, it was just one thing: I've forgotten my reusable bags at home three straight trips. Most places I get away with it because I'm just swinging in to buy one or two items and I can walk out with items and receipt in hand. Food shopping, however, is a different story. Cashiers hate it when I try to walk out with four items in hand, let alone 15 or 20. And they also hate stuffing bags, so even if I could fit them in one bag they find it necessary to use four or five. "You're sure you want your one box of crackers and one onion in the same bag?" Why yes, sir, I am.

So today upon my return from some errands I threw my favorite green Hannaford bag in the back of the Blue Goose. Hopefully now I'll just remember to take it out of the back seat when I arrive at a shopping center. There are few worse feelings in teh world than arriving to a register with a cart of groceries to realize you left your favorite green Hannaford bag in your car. Let me tell you..


I have quite a bit more to discuss but I don't have quite a bit more time right now to get it out. So have a coke and a smile and I'll get back to you tomorrow. Cheers.

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  1. I have the same problem with the grocers wanting to use an incessant amount of bags and even double bag when the weight exceeds one pound. Who do they think they are? Here's to putting a stop to all those unnecessary grocery bags out there! What should we call our campaign?