Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something is better than nothing..

I had planned (and actually started) an elaborate conclusion blog for Bonnaroo, highlighting my favorite performances (other than GP&theN's, of course..) and also the shows I was a little disappointed in but I've lost some serious steam between last night and tonight and don't really think I feel up to it. It'll come, but not within a month of its conclusion. So be it. Instead, I'll leave you with a tip or two and some other random thoughts.

Don't go on a weeklong bender prior to rolling into Manchester, TN. That may seem like an obvious statement, as Bonnaroo is a 20+ hour a day party for four days. Let's just say our eyes were bigger than what we were actually able to maintain for days 10 and 11 of said road trip. By Saturday we had both grown a little tired. I'm not disappointed. I had my first night on the town in Manhattan, which was a little overwhelming but I guess everyone needs that every once in a while. I had (another) great time in Charlottesville (I've never had a bad time down there, in all seriousness. Nothing surprises me down there anymore.), and Nashville was a great two days which wouldn't have happened had we not gone there beforehand. Everything fit up correctly with the trip planned out the way we traveled, so that's how it went. If/when I make it back down I'll tentatively say today that the journey down will be a bit more subdued. Hindsight is 20/20. But, just a bit. No worries.

This is just a guess but I think four guys going together would be an optimal number. This would allow for two 2somes if there are disagreements on shows and also would provide a nice camp setting. Two tents, two cars, and thus two spots combined to make a home away from home for four days. Also, the person(s) you're going with shouldn't be a dinkus (or dinkuses) and decide not to pick up a cigarette lighter car charger for their cellular telephone. Let's just say its easy to get separated inside and cells make things fairly easily to communicate. And this is coming from a guy who is certainly anti-cellular telephones. Even I was dropping texts like it was my job (and constantly hating myself for doing it but that's besides the point...if I made it through then you can, too..). Cell batteries aren't what they used to be. It just saves a lot of headaches (Well, it would have..).

Other than that I think we did a pretty good job of taking her easy. It was certainly a vacation. Good times.


In other news, packaging companies are sneaky bitches. I've been paying attention to this for awhile now but I haven't got the word out. While food prices are staying the same/increasing in supermarkets, the portion/package sizes are shrinking. Mother. Fuckers.
-Ice cream, formerly of the 2 quart package sizes are now 1.75's or 1.5's. Assholes.
-Charcoal Bags, you know, a 20lb bag of charcoal? 18 lbs these days. Same goes for LP cylinders. Are you shitting me?
-I used to be able to get a 50 yard roll of dental floss that would last me awhile. Now, a 40 yard roll only lasts...about 4 fifths the time the 50 yard roll did...but still, this shit is ridiculous.
Something's rotting in Denmark, people. These are three distinct markets so I have to say this is a prevalent and pervasive issue in every aisle. I say don't stand for this kind of aggression, but find other ways to do it than cutting out dental floss. I hate to floss but let's just say, hypothetically, that if you stop flossing for 3-4 years and don't bother to see a dentist during that time when you finally get back in that miserable chair your experience will be even more miserable than usual. Maybe that just occurred because I told the hygienist that I hate dentists and she decided to teach me a lesson in honesty not always being the best policy. Pick'em.

So, now I floss. I don't plan to see a dentist again for awhile (read: ever again..), but I floss regularly. Self-medication is the best medication.


It's the All Star game, and who saw Obama's first pitch? Oh, yeah, NO ONE. BECAUSE FOX DECIDED TO KEEP AN ON-FIELD CAMERA DIRECTED DIRECTLY AT MR. PRESIDENT RATHER THAN THE TRADITIONAL OUTFIELD VIEW IN TO THE BACKSTOP, ALLOWING NO ONE TO KNOW IF HE THREW A LEGIT PITCH OR NOT. Horseshit. I'd expect that shit out of CNN or MSNBC or some other (severely) left-leaning media outlet, but FOX? Really? I'm shocked. What's funny is I think it was a pretty good pitch so having our fearless leader cover up for potentially inadequacies may have actually ruined another instance of "Him" yet again demonstrating his god-like powers (Here's a good chance for you all to remember the difference between God and Obama..). Not only can the guy kill flies like Mr. Miyagi, he can also throw cheese and paint the black, a la Dennis Eckersley.
This is also a chance for me to shit on Eck and his now-tired stint as an analyst. I really think the guy just makes shit up on the fly and pretends it's baseball lingo form the 80's. If Orsillo had some stones he'd call him on it one of these days. Remy, get well soon. If I have to hear Eck say "punch-out" instead of strike out" another 600,000,000,000 times before the season is up I may lose my shit (well, lose more of my shit..).

Bonnaroo Video of the day: Proof David Byrne still has "it".. and while he sounds great it's his live dancers that really set the tone and steal the show..


This router is the best forty Washingtons I've spent in some time. My efficiency is now legitimate. I have no plans to add a television, I've got my music and I've got my "internet" and that's all I really need. It's a good day to be me.

Last: The blue bird will be making its way to craigslist sometime in the next week or so. I'm not really interested in selling it, but if I can move it then moves I will make. Gotta feel things out. Just call me Butch.

If you know of anyone interested in this gem you send them my way. 1986. 157,000miles (+/- 13,000 of them mine). Stick shift. I love her. Cheers.

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