Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just joined the 21st (20.5, really) Century

I did it. I finally broke down and bought a router for the Capone house. $40 well spent (I guess...I was in a spending mood today, more on that later). Of course because it is technology it couldn't be easy to set up, so I spent the better half of my afternoon and evening tinkering with it. I bought a wired router because neither of our desktops have wireless adapters and I had 60 feet of ethernet cables collecting dust so there was no damn way I was going to spend more money to get the same result (OBIOUSLY!). Maybe that made it slightly more complicated, but after getting up about 65 times to unplug wires and reconnect ethernet to ports and this that and the other thing, I had...SUCCESS. And you know what they say: Nothing says success like not ending up with a big dump in your pants.

Also dropped some coin on a new driver this evening. The TaylorMade Burner '08. This isn't going to stop me from checking eBay to see if I can find a better deal on it (OBVIOUSLY!), but for now it'll do. I broke the shaft of my old Big Dog (a Callaway Great Big Bertha Hawkeye which had been very good to me since I started out on the course a few years ago) on the first hole last Sunday. Well, it cracked on the 1st. I teed it up again on #3 and the crack got worse. So I finished off the job with my hands. I was unimpressed.

Chances are I'll get a new shaft on the Hawkeye because as I've been saying a lot lately: there's something special about your first. For now it'll just be acting as a nice paperweight.


For the next 10 days or so I'll be doing my usual summer house/dog-sitting gig in a neighborhood across the way, so many nights I don't bother to log on the "internet" or any of that jazz. I have HBO and a lot to catch up on. That's all I need. What I'm saying is don't expect me to return to consist tent blogging any time soon. With the new connection set to go in my efficiency upon my return next weekend I'm cautiously optimistic that this will lead to the return of hard-hitting, humorous, and (every now and again...okay one or two thus far) insightful pieces on the 'pad in the not so distant future. For now I'll just keep on keeping on. Cheers.

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