Friday, February 26, 2010

And so it begins..

My first day of work was yesterday.  I wrote this Thursday after work, so if my tenses and days sound conflicting you can chalk it up to that, as it's Friday now.  This room isn't "internet" friendly.  I'm not getting a sig on my beeper and there's not a bank of phones in the lobby.  Woe is me.  I've been able to get lucky and get my gmail running in the basic mode so I can scope my mail in there but other than that I'm pretty limited.  Small fries are tasty treats, though so I can handle on of those a couple of times a week to keep this up and running.  It's all good in the hood.  All week I've been getting pretty active and I've been running quite a bit and cruising all over on my bicycle so I can forgive myself for some MickyD's if the need for "internet" arises. That being said I had some frackin' issues with the MickyD's "internet" today so I'm now sitting on a bench near a coffee shop across the parking lot from the D's.  I already bought my small fry so I don't want to buy a coffee today, too.  That's just too much.  But Hawaiian Village Coffee may be my new "internet" home.  Coffee sounds better than food that'll make my ass look fat.

Work was a lovely way to spend my day.  As sad as it might make me sound I was kind of happy to work and I wouldn't have minded starting last Thursday but the fine folks at Hula Grill only do orientations on Thursdays.  It was rough, though, as I had to get up and be down there for the ass crack of noon.  Slave drivers.  Got a big ass binder of papers that had to be filled out and a bunch of stuff describing my job and, I shit you not,  had to take a 110 fill in the blank test on the history of the company and operationg procedures.  110 questions on the history of the restaurants before I could start picking up trash and soiled napkins...Awesome.

There was another guy going through it with me who was pretty funny and that made it an alright time.  Had a delicious grilled Ahi tuna sangwich on a multi-grain baguette with some macadamia nut slaw for lunch during the orientation, too.  That made it more than worth it.  I do my first day of training during tonight's dinner hours with Jon's roommate, Josh.  I bet things will be busy...hope I'm up to the challenge.  It looks like my training lasts 5-6 days unless I suck then I'll either get trained longer or get fired.  Haha, I hope I can be on point.  I know all of the folks who will be training me and they all seem to be pretty good at their jobs so I hope I'll pick it up quick.  Hula seems like it'll be an alright place to work.  The people seem nice.  And the view.  Look at the view..


This morning I went for a swim in the ocean.  I've been getting pretty serious with being active; it has been a nice change of pace from my recent sedentary ways back home.  Got a good crank going when I was running 6 or so miles last night and spent about a half mile running on the beach right along the water's edge just after sunset.  It was pretty solid.  I'm taking today off from running because I'm pretty cooked.  Waves suck.

I swam from Hula Grill down to Black Rock and then walked back along the beach, somewhere between a quarter to a third of a mile.  I thought it was a decent way to waste some time this morning.  This area is where most of my beach pictures have come from, the lower Ka'anapali Beach.  I need to get some good pictures of Black Rock - It's pretty nice to look at.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take a morning stroll.  Then again, maybe not.  We'll see how work goes...Cheers.

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